Top 5 Great Merits and Demerits of Tablets

With the introduction of iPad by Apple in 2010 tablets became very popular and 2011 witnessed the launch of several new tablets in the market. Various types of tablets like slate tablet, convertible tablet, booklet tablet, hybrid tablet etc have been introduced recently. Despite of the popularity of this gadget you need to consider the merits and demerits of tablets before buying them as tablets my not prove to be advantageous for everyone. The benefits and drawbacks of tablets are very subjective and depend on the perception and needs of individuals. Tablets have the following merits and demerits.


Merits of Tablets

1. Are Portability

Tablets are lighter in weight than most of the laptops. This makes them easy to carry along. Portability is further increased by tablet’s great battery life. Wireless connectivity enables users to connect to internet without using any other internet device. Files, images etc can be easily transferred to and from the tablet anytime anywhere. Nowadays with the popularity of cloud computing it has become a necessity to be connected to your work remotely. Tablets can easily provide the features to connect to internet from anywhere.

2. Are Effective for meetings

Tablets prove to be immensely effective and useful during meetings, seminars and discussions. Instead of typing it enables users to scribble notes on them. This enhances communication and interaction with the other participants.

3. Keeps improving

New applications for tablets are being developed continuously by developers. This enables the usage of tablets to improve continuously.

4. Signifies professionalism

Possessing a tablet makes you appear professional and this increases confidence of customers and partners in your ability. I am planning to launch Rich Gorman site app for iPad and Android, just for giving better user experience to my app viewers.

5. Easy to work with

Tablets have touch environment. Touch screen makes navigation effortless in comparison to using conventional keyboards and mouse. Image editing and digital painting are more intuitive and accurate when done on a tablet. It is fast and easy to enter mathematical notations, symbols and diagrams in a tablet.

Demerits of Tablets

1. Expensive

New complicated technology is used to design and manufacture tablets. This makes it more expensive than non tablet portable PCs.

2. Slow Input speed

Tablets use virtual keyboard to input data and type. Virtual keyboards make typing slow in comparison to typing on a laptop. There are some tablets which support external keyboards.

3. Tablets are not ergonomic

A tablet does not provide for a wrist rest. The user has to keep moving his arm continuously while typing. This makes them non ergonomic, which might lead to pain in the wrist and arms.

4. Hardware Problems

Screen of tablets are prone to damage. This is because screens are used as input device also and due to continuous use or misuse they are at higher risk of damage. It is often required to rotate the screen of the tablet on its hinges. This cause several electrical and mechanical faults.

5. Tablets do not have Keyboard

Tablets do not come with a keyboard. So people who are not use to handling touch screens find working on tablets very frustration.

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