10 Interesting Features of Nokia Music

Nokia Music is one of the most historic services of Nokia. In fact, although now has been renewed with the new format of the mobile with Windows Phone, was present at the time of peak of the devices with the operating system Symbian. A while now, the smartphones of Nokia – and all firms in general – have become a great entertainment alternative. In fact, apart from make calls, send and receive messages or checking email, users also use their phones to enjoy their favorite songs and take music everywhere. According to the own Nokia, the 42% of users of smartphones claim to have stored between two thousand and five thousand songs. Thus, we find it strange that Nokia Music is a meeting point for major music lovers. Today we want to tell ten things interesting Nokia Music that surely did not know, the team revealed by Nokia Conversations.

1) More than 20 million songs await you. Luckily, the catalog of Nokia is very full. Currently, the Finnish offers users a library of over 20 million songs . If you wanted to take it all, you should listen 5479 songs every day for ten years without pause.

2) Is a user-friendly music service . The truth is that unlike other services, Nokia Music is a simple and practical platform that you can access from your mobile. You will not have to do previous installations or register. Simply the application you access Nokia Music to start enjoying the music, downloading or ordering your existing galleries.

3) You can enjoy over 150 playlists. After listening to our songs as always, it never hurts to find things to new. In fact, the so-called playlists have been created for this purpose. Have more than 150 playlists full of songs of all types, sorted by genre. This makes it easier to find what you want.

4) People music collecting expert . Nokia has a team of experts and music fans to lock in the mixes. This ensures that the quality of the mixtures is ideal and can always be enjoying consistent ratings and playlists success.

5) You have the option of creating personal blends. If you are a big music lover you may have a collection of thousands and thousands of songs arranged for you. To ease the listener, the company Nokia provides creating lists taking into account your personal tastes.

6) People predilection for specialized blends. With statistics in hand, Nokia asserts that people are particularly interested in specialized playlists. If one likes the Soul of the seventies come to the end of all blends that have gender.

7) Nokia Music also allows us to manage our music stored. It is an interesting detail. Besides functioning as a store, Nokia Music also is a valid application to manage all the music we have in our device or integrated in other applications such as PC Zune or Windows Phone 7 Connector, in the case of Mac.

8) There playlists for groups or individual artists. Nokia has grouped the songs of the most successful artists in a playlist. Thus, if you feel devotion to Lady Gaga or Lana del Rey so easy and will not have to go gathering songs. You will not need to waste any more time managing your library heterogeneous musical.

9) Look for concerts near you. If you go to a new city and do not know what will be done that night concerts, the application of Nokia Music lets you keep up. Thanks to the service location to find musical quotations few steps and enjoy, wherever you go, to live music.

10) Farewell to the publication and hello to music offline. In some cases, such as that of Spotify , you have to pay extra to use music offline or from your mobile phone. Unlike the Swedish service, Nokia Music is ad-free and allows you to listen to your favorite music while the wireless network or 3G data experience interference.

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