6 Best One Step Checkout Extensions for Ecommerce Business

One of the best ways to improve revenues and sales significantly is by reducing shopping cart abandonments. Analysis and statistics reveal that many companies confront hefty losses due to more than 70% of people checking out abruptly, which in turn, leading to zero conversions. Albeit shipping costs and prices while buying products are stated to be the prime factors, simplifying the checkout process is not too far behind. However, with the introduction of ajax-driven single-page checkout process, the issue of shopping cart abandonment is found to be minimized to a great extent.

As ecommerce is all about engaging your customers to the website to make money, having these kinds of extensions in the site would dramatically improve the revenues. Given that, if your ecommerce site is built on a Magento platform, heave a sigh of relief as Magento offers unassailable one step checkout extensions for your business; apart from that Magento offers formidable security to the website as well.

Here goes the list of one step extensions for Magento-based ecommerce websites that could play a great deal in restricting the checkout issues encountered by plenty of companies. Learn the extensions that simplify the checkout process to enable customers enjoy a complete shopping process.

1. Apptha

Being adjudged as one of the best one-step checkout extensions all the time, this fascinating tool simplifies the process of checkout requiring little effort. Put an end to dropouts due to shopping cart abandonments by implementing this reliable tool on your website. In addition, it supports default Magento gift options, multi-language, GEO-IP, adding multiple products, etc.

2. Mage- Word

Help your customers to save considerable time while purchasing product on your online store by condensing the 6-step checkout processes to one. Studded with only the essential fields, it allows the customers to relish an amazing shopping experience. Install this incredible plugin to maximize your conversion rates and to minimize your shopping cart abandonment rates.

3. Fmeextensions

Keeping your checkout process comfortable, enjoyable, and simple is the only way to increase your revenues in a short period of time. Allow users to experience a happy shopping with just a few clicks rather than filling tedious forms. Implementing the One Step Checkout extension offered in this site assists your business in a great way by converting leads into potential customers. Coded with easy to use features, setting up colors, customizing design options, this is one of the widely sought after extensions.

4. Magestore

Planning to improve revenue using your ecommerce website? Well, never annoy your visitors with too-many-steps of form filling. No one loves wasting their precious time on filling hectic forms over a long time. Club all the checkout process steps to one with the implementation of One Step Checkout extension offered in this site. With the facility to add gift message, comments, and adding discount field, it is one of the easy-to-use extensions capable of multiplying your revenue to a greater extent.

5. Interiorwebdesign

Reduce the number of steps used for checkout process with single one using the powerful extension called One Step Page Checkout. With easy installation, easy-to-control checkout fields, swift turnaround support offered by this extension, provide your customers with jubilant shopping experience. Besides, increase your revenue to a great extent as well.

6. Indieswebs

Help your customers to complete purchases with no hassles and bustles. A simple and secure checkout process offered by the module One Step Checkout offered in this site plays a great deal in the enhancing the revenues of your company beyond your imaginations. Provide your customers with a better shopping experience and keep them coming back to your site with easy-to-use features.

Well, all the above-mentioned one step checkout process extensions work diligently to maximize your profit rates by preventing shopping cart abandonments and converting them into potential customers in short period of time. Have these simple yet effective extensions on your website to eliminate all the unwanted fields that eat the time of the customers and let them complete their purchases with absolute ease. As said, having the extensions on your site clearly produces remarkable increase in the sales of your products and clientele.

Hope, all the information provided in this article is valuable for various businesses and individuals. Set up the Magento one step checkout form extensions on your websites for your customers to help them enjoy faster and easier shopping. Put an end to the persistent tedious traditional form filling issues by adding a valuable one step checkout extension to your site.

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