7 Excellent Tips to Choose Printer for Brochure Printing

So you have decided the design, content and other crucial things for your brochure and now you have to take the last step (i.e. to select a printer) and your business’s first introductory document will be ready to rock. But Hey! This last step is so crucial that if not taken properly, will land your business publicity nowhere. So here are the most important tips to choose printer for brochure printing at your service.

Tip 1: Quality of Ink used

This is one of the main points to be considered before making a final choice. Make sure the quality of printing is good and same throughout the pages and volume. A professional look should be maintained throughout the work.

Tips 2: Quality of Paper

Paper selection will decide how your content will look and how it will mark the first impression on the reader. It is always better to check how the printing ink will look on the type of paper selected. Range is wide; gloss to matte, texture to plain and so on. But it is the right combination which will make an impact on reader’s mind. This is specially important when you are going for postcard printing or brochure printing of any corporate.

Tips 3: Quality of Equipment

If you are using a printing provider, see what equipment they use. You don’t have to know about the details but see if the provider is using state-of-the-art offset and digital presses or not. It will give your brochure a fantastic finish if good quality machine is used for printing but it will cost the provider few lakhs. So check the machines on the print follow; popular models include HP, Canon and Xerox. However machines do not do other associated tasks such as pasting, cutting etc. these are done manually but having reliable and superior digital machines ensures good printing quality.

Also, as mentioned other printing task machines/ manual equipment for cutting, pasting, folding, stapling, binding etc. should be of good quality.

Tips 4: Efficiency of the provider

You are busy and don’t have that much time to spare for the project so it becomes necessary that the services your printing provider provides are efficient and timely. Your provider should be able to acknowledge huge orders in time with no quality compromise. The infrastructure will be a huge factor in deciding the quality of the service; the battery backup in case of power failures, risk management etc. are few pointers which you should check before saying yes for print.

Tips 5: Sample work

Of course, work speaks louder than promises. A good service provider will not hesitate in providing samples of their previous projects; ask for some samples of past work. Never go ahead if they refuse to show up their past work, ideally a good printer must be proud enough to showcase their work to grab more clients. Also, before ordering final bulk prints, always ask for test brochures. It will give you a clear picture of the final brochure, in your hands.

Tip 6: References

Reference check is also important; it gives you one more reason to feel secured about the vendor you are selecting. Ask for two or three references from the print provider. Make sure you are prepared with relevant questions before making reference calls. Questions about reliability of service, quality and timeliness of services will impart more confidence and trust for the vendor.

Printers who are in export business can be preferred as ideally they are very much concerned about the quality.

Tips 7: Cost

This is the final tip but can be the most deciding factor. High price doesn’t always means good quality and you can find good quality at decent prices as well. So, perform your market research properly, compare the quality with cost and then see what suits you best. Don’t forget to consider shipping charges or insurance cover/guarantees in case of huge orders.

Online printing can be considered if cost you are looking for economical printing. There are many online companies which can help you here but see all overheads before making the final call.

If possible, set a face to face meeting with the vendor, consider all your priorities and grab the one which is best suitable for you and your business. Best of Luck!

7 Excellent Tips to Choose Printer for Brochure Printing
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