Some Gmail Features You May not have Known

Gmail, as you know, is the number one web email client among internet users. Gmail has been a huge hit mainly because of its simplicity and rich features available at same time. We are listing down some of the small, but useful features present in Gmail that many of you are still unaware of

1) Indicators:

Indicators are one of the simple and most useful features present in Gmail. With Indicators, one can identify which mails are sent exclusively to him and which are sent to a group of others (mailing list). You can turn on the indicators by going to Gmail Settings > Personal level Indicators > Show Indicators and click Save Changes. After enabling the indicators, you will be able to see a single arrow (>) or a double arrow (>>) in your emails. A single arrow depicts that the message is sent exclusively to you and a double arrow implies the email was sent to a mailing list which includes you.

2) Undo Send:

Many times, while writing messages we accidently click on send before finishing it. And also we might put a wrong person in the send to list by mistake and then click send. This is when Gmail’s undo send feature really helps. You can enable Undo Send by going to settings > Labs > Enable Undo Send. After enabling the feature holds the email for 5 seconds before it is actually sent.

Some Gmail Features You May not have Known

3) Mail Goggles:

If you are unsatisfied with the time limit of 5 seconds provided by Undo send, then Mail Goggles is the feature that you need. Mail Goggles improves the time limit by asking you to solve some simple math problems before sending an email. To enable this feature go to Settings > Labs > Enable Mail Goggles.

4 ) Create a document :

Very Often, your messages may turn into a big conversation including your co-workers, bosses, subordinates etc. With Gmail’s create a document feature, you can properly document an email conversation and send it to your Google Docs account. To enable this feature go to Settings > Labs > Enable create a document. After enabling this feature you will see a “Create a Document” link to the right hand side of your email conversations.

5) Location Signature:

Apart from the normal signature feature, Gmail also has the Location signature feature, which adds Location to your signature using GeoLocation API. The location is identified by your IP address, which is not accurate some times. To enable Location Signature go to Settings > Labs > Signature Preferences > Check “Append your location to the signature “.

6) Got the Wrong Bob ? :

We all have contacts who share the similar first name and different last names. Like Bob the HR and Bob the boyfriend. While sending some personal messages to our close buddies, we might mistakenly send it to someone else. The “Got the Wrong Bob” feature is absolutely essential if you have too many contacts with similar first names.

To enable “Got the Wrong Bob Feature” go to Settings > Labs > Enable “Got the Wrong Bob”.
We hope you found article handy and will make use of the little features to make the already user friendly and easy to use Gmail even better.


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