Nature Photography: Blunder Steps You Should Avoid

Nature photography is both rewarding and frustrating alike, even if you are an experienced photographer. While it is a recognized fact that a great nature photo is something to treasure long, the challenges that even a seasoned photographer faces while capturing nature can leave them frustrated.
Below are listed some of the blunder steps that one needs to avoid while capturing nature in all its elegance.

1. Not getting close enough to the subject

While capturing nature in all its bloom, you need to be closest possible to nature. In some cases you may have noticed that while capturing a bird on a tree, the picture highlights the tree more than the bird. This can confuse the viewer besides spoiling the essence of the photograph.
The best strategy to follow here is to get closest possible to the subject, a bird in this case. In case you cannot get close enough to the subject, ensure that you have the best of lenses to zoom close enough to the subject.
The closer you get, better are the chances that distraction to the background is minimized. Viewer’s attention is thus focused on the subject itself, giving you great results. Get close enough to the subject and see the difference it makes.

2. Lighting conditions

Ensure that the lighting conditions are appropriate for photography while you head out for a session of nature photography. A common mistake photographers commit while doing a nature photography session is to pay minimal attention to the lighting conditions. It is a commonly established fact that sunny days are the best time for a photography session. This may be true in some cases but you should avoid bright sunshine while doing nature photography. If you click in bright sunshine you may find some unwanted shadows too. This can spoil the essence of the photograph.
The best strategy to shoot in bright sunshine is to click either in early morning or late in the evening. Lighting conditions are appropriate at these hours and you will get worthy results in case you decide to shoot at these hours of the day.
Avoid clicking nature photographs during late hours. The pictures might get blurred and the essence of the subject might disappear in case the picture is clicked in poor lighting conditions. Better if you click the same on a cloudy day. On a typical cloudy day, the light is even and contrast is low enough. This will give great results and make the picture stand out among a maze of nature photographs clicked by other photographers in your league.

3. Loosing patience

Nature photography requires lot of patience and perseverance. In case, you are short of both of these, you might end up getting a poor result. Spend a lot of time with your subject, which would be wild surroundings for a nature photographer.
Take a lot of clicks and choose the best for the occasion. Things might be difficult to be manage in the beginning but will get better with time.
Nature photography is an art. Patience and perseverance are the key to success in this challenging profession. Follow the rule book and reap the benefits.

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