Ways to Build Blog Traffic and Boost SEO

Here we are in the era of SEO. If you are a blogger you must be very much familiar with this word SEO. Search Engine Optimization has not so long history. There were days in internet world when people don’t know where they want to land and there are site owners who doesn’t know which group of people they want to traffic. All of them are unaware of terminologies like “targeted web traffic, SEO, Google Algorithm and the endless tally!” But believe me this field (SEO) has revolutionized the blogging arena.
Blogging nowadays has become so competitive that people who are monetizing their online presence have chosen it as their full-time career. And this professional approach led us to cut throat competition and consequently quality sites. Blogging does not have entertainment value such as movies nor does it have an intellectual value such as fictions. So, bloggers, E-marketers, E-entrepreneurs all have to work smart and hard in order to make a mark.
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Here we are providing the best ways to build traffic for your eminent blog.

Articles having Uniqueness and Originality

If you have good command over language or if you have an interesting style to present your content in front of audience blogging can be so fruitful to you. You can create an article with ease, but the thing is that you have to be creative, unique and original. There are multiple genres in articles. Some of the most popular formats are…
• How to Guides
• Top Collections
• Essays
• Interviews
• Guides and e-books
• Tips
You should speak what you believe with authority. Don’t hesitate to be bold and think out of the box for the ideas. There are certain strategies to make your articles popular. You can search hot keywords by using certain programs (Google Adwords) and can use them in your title, H1 and H2.
Try to make your article full of information. This advice doesn’t mean that you have to stretch the content, and result you does not make any sense. Use tables and charts. Human psychology says that people love comparisons. People don’t want to remember the figures but they will like it if you present figures packed in visually appealing method. You may also use infographics. If you have good creative eyes along with mind you can create pieces by drawing them yourselves or using softwares.

Recordings – Worth to Share

Have you ever thought why television or theatre or cinema is a much popular medium than books or novels? Because you don’t have to scratch your scalp. You don’t even have to imagine as all the content is in front of you just in audio-visual format.
So, Try to make some good videos related to your article and broadcast them on your blog. If you are writing articles having formats such as How to Guides, Tutorials, Tips you can make your broadcast count within the article. Making a video clip is not a Pandora’s Box in today’s era. It’s too easy and less costly. If you are creative enough you can make videos even for you essay like articles.

Polls and Ratings

As I have mentioned earlier, people love to compare. You can chose any issue related to your post or related to the theme of your blog and can create a poll. You can also provide option of ratings out of 10 or out of 5 for your articles, for your videos or for the public products related to your blog niche.

Online marketing

This is the time when you cannot sell your product without marketing regardless of whatever your credential is. You have to go for marketing. There are ways to market your post or blog online. I will not describe a lot in this section as you all know about social book marking, social sharing, link building and guest posting.
But there is a thing that I want to mention here. The new Google Penguin‘s analysis says that don’t be stereotype or don’t follow traditional methodology like robot any more. Try to be natural. And if you cannot be that much natural be a little creative and haphazard. E.g Don’t share your links on all the sites at the same point of time. Try to be a little unorganized. Let the algorithm feel that this is the natural process and still you can make your post viral!!

Offline marketing

Most of the people around you don’t understand what you are doing all the day with your laptop. Let them educate about blogging, make them understand about your blog and theme. Believe me this is going to work on a longer term basis. You will have a faithful and loyal audience for your blog.

So, try these tips and let us know how useful you find it? We are always open for suggestions.

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