Best Web Designing Tips for the New Designers

Web designing does not mean the user end of the site only; rather it has been far wider and deeper arena. If we try to describe it, we may say it is the skills and strategies used in creating and maintenance of website, but this to describe it almost and not wholly. Apart from the graphic design and the user experience the web designer has to look in to other aspects like SEO, authoring and interface design. There are various websites which offer free services to help you in web designing.

Best Web Designing Tips for the New Designers

Don’t Compromise on Fast Speed

This is the first and paramount aspect because lack of speed will make the visitors impatient. With the mushrooming number of broadband users, people are fast losing their patience. So a web designer must be careful not to add too many images, graphics and videos. This will slow down the process of download; nevertheless web pages between 50 and 100k are good enough. In this context, one must also note that resizing of the images with CSS or HTML will not be beneficial. Photo editor may help you to reduce the image, but one must exercise caution in using it. Again images of extremely low quality also are not admissible, so a professional must know how to strike a balance. Gain speed by

• Putting all CSS in one doc
• Decrease comments on CSS and HTML
• Avoid tablets in tablets
• Reduce HTML elements on the page

Enhance Seamless Navigation

Navigation refers to the capability of moving within the pages and not just the home page; the other pages too must have seamless navigation. Do you expect that all visitors will visit the homepage first? Never, so all the pages must be linked to your home page. Additionally, if there is some more relevant content then links to those places must be in bold. The link related to the content that may be needed for giving more innate details must also be specified. Again your link must be small and must cite at least some words to inform the reader where he will be led to with the particular link.

Keep Color and Contrast in mind

Different colors impart different impressions. So it is up to the nature of your website as to which you might want to use. For example, red is for caution, anger, and adventure and blue is for success professionalism and security. But the black text on a white backdrop still rocks! Also check the contrast o your site. Your text must never strain the eyes of the readers.

Do not Ignore Usability and Accessibility

Accessibility refers to the idea of making the site for that niche audience. For example, if your site deals with the ailments of color blind people then the site must be made keeping them in mind. Color codes to convey impressions must not be used. Similarly, for blind audience there must be video clips in your site. Make the site relevant and usable to so that people may be tempted to reuse it.

A well formatted and attractive web design will at once draw attention, but it must be functional and fast at the same time. A web designer must understand that the first impression may be the lasting impression, but if the site is not able to satiate the customers properly, the customers will never turn back.

Best Web Designing Tips for the New Designers
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