A consumer guide to new computer technology

Computers have certainly come a long way in recent years. Their slow but steady update of technology seemed to reach the summit of a slow and ponderous hill, and then, suddenly, began to rocket into a series of technological evolutions that have become extremely hard to keep up with.

What once took technology five years to achieve become outdated in five weeks. If you are thinking of investing in a new computer, then here is a little run down of the many types of system, new and dependable, that are available on the market.


The dawn of personal computers saw the advent of the desktop. Keyboard, mouse, monitor and machine have stood firm against the test of time and still remain a design classic as well as the choice of millions of people throughout the world.

Desktop computers are often bought because they offer more power and stability to the user than a laptop computer. Although they don’t have accessibility of laptops and can’t carted off anywhere around the world, their specs are generally higher for less money. Faster processors, a bigger internal hard drive and much higher RAM than a laptop come as standard in most desktops but you’ll need adequate space to accommodate them which can be a slight disadvantage.

All-in-one touchscreens

As a viable solution, all in one computers have stepped up to offer touchscreen solutions which are more portable and smaller to store than the traditional desktop. The technology has been available in portable units such as phones or MP3 players for a few years now and has gradually found its way to desktop computers.


The choice of many casual computer users, the appeal of laptops rests in their size and their “go anywhere” ability. Take them on the train, plane, to a friend’s house or a work meeting; they really are shaping up to be an indispensible piece of modern technology.

Although they do have slightly lower specifications than desktop computers, very rarely does this hamper their ability to meet any challenge thrown at them. With many new models equipped with a minimum of 3GB of RAM as standard they are able to simultaneously run many processes such as surfing the web while video editing or running music software.


A notebook is a great option for those individuals who want an extremely light, small and handy computer that they can simply slip into a bag and take anywhere but are not in need of the processor power that a laptop or desktop might possess.

Notebooks are an extremely inexpensive option for people simply seeking the connectivity of a personal computer. Whether it’s to take to business meeting to show off some new reports, read and send emails on the go or even to stay connected to other people when you are in a different country without the hassle of a slightly larger machine to carry about, netbooks are a great development in portable computer technology.

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