Google Has Emphasized on SEO for Mobile Phones

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an essential element of web world especially for business websites. According to the trend most people head towards search engine in order to find something, most of the traffic on business websites comes from search engine and that’s the major reason people focusing on optimizing their websites.

As far as website optimization is concerned people worked on content, keywords, meta tags and link building which are the core elements of SEO and they get results as well but with the passage of time Google continues to improve its algorithms so that people are get quality websites up top, Panda and Penguin updates are major changes Google have made in recent times.


Initially, SEO was limited to desktop computing but currently the advance mobile technology has made great impact on the internet users. Most of the people these days have mobile phones along with the internet support; with the help of mobile internet people can access their desired websites on the go. This excessive use of mobile phone gave rise to the concept of mobile version of websites. These days’ most professional websites are developed in the context of mobile support. One prominent aspect of designing mobile website version is the popularity of smartphones, they offer you large screen and functionalities quite similar to computer but still there is a difference. So Google is now emphasizing on SEO for mobile phones so that mobile users can find their desired website easily. Popular websites have different versions for desktop and mobiles, so that whenever people access their website from mobile they automatically redirected to the mobile version.
Along these basics, now people are working on SEO for mobile, for instance it is suggested that the search queries on mobile are 2.5% shorter than the desktop, so you have to select different keywords for mobile version of your website, Google Keyword Research tool allow you to figure out popular mobile search terms so that you can easily compile your targeted keywords for mobile users. Along with the keywords, the content and URL varies as well such as “,” these URL structures are mobile friendly. On the other hand the most important concern in terms of having multiple website versions is web hosting. There are numerous hosting companies in the market but you need to figure out the best one that can offer you proper integration for both versions of websites, so always consider reading web hosting reviews to figure out the best hosting company. The more fast your hosting server is the better it will perform in terms of SEO because Google consider ‘Page load time’ while evaluating websites, so be concerned.

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