Make the Most out of Your Old iPhone

With many better versions of iPhone being released day in and day out, it is natural that one carves to try one’s hand on the latest and upgrade to the fresh tech. This usually makes us end up with one or more sidekick iPhones which we do not actually put to the best use. If you are one such iPhone fanatic with standby iPhone, but are not deploying it well, then read on to discover some great fruitful and creative ways to make the most out of your obsolete iPhone.

A learning medium

You can let your kid learn by installing some educational and recreational games in it. You would not give your little devil the new million dollar gadget rather. Would you? Instead your vintage iPhone can serve the purpose well enough.
Alternatively, you can lead your old iPhone to an older member of your family to help them get into the Smartphone bandwagon by starting off with a relatively easier version.

Make the Most out of Your Old iPhone

Donate it

Google for iPhone donation campaigns and you’ll be amazed to see how great an iPhone donation could be. Many charity houses facilitate collection of discarded iPhones, sell them off to a local reseller and pass on the income to various NGOs in need. So consider donating your old iPhone and gain some good karma instead of opting to use it as a mere paperweight.

Exchange with Apple

Don’t get mystified by the above sub heading. Apple does facilitate exchange of your old iPhone; but not in return for a new one. Instead, Apple pays off through gift cards that can be used to purchase any product from Apple. The catch here is that in most cases the value of the gift card is just enough to buy some Apple accessories. The value of the gift card depends upon your old iPhone’s condition. So you just have to try your luck in this case.


Consider selling your iPhone to a buy back company for a reasonable amount. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew the tricks to inflate the price of your old iPhone before selling it?

Here is how you can sell your broken iPhone for a better price:

• Get the data wiped off from your iPhone. Better yet get it formatted to make it look newer with factory settings.

• Buy a new panel to cover any signs of over usage, again making it look newer.

• Jailbreak the product, thus making it capable of running some viral games/apps.

Turn it into something useful

You can turn you old iPhone into multiple things by just tweaking it a little bit. Here are just a few ideas:

• Many camera lens adapters allow you to attach an iPhone to a professional camera lens, thus letting you make a pro photography camera for your hobby at just the cost of the lens.

• Stick the iPhone to a dock and club it with a speaker and woofer. You’ve got your fully functional music system ready.

• It can also come handy as an emergency storage device while backing up your other devices.

• Use it as a mini iPad by simply enabling Wi-Fi connection for it.

• Install suitable app and then use it as a remote for your television, music system or other such.

• Pull it out from your wallet anytime to check out yourself like in a mirror through the front lens of the iPhone camera.

“Tips – you can transfer all the data on your old iPhone to the new iPhone with a free iPhone transfer software.”

Make the Most out of Your Old iPhone
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