Samsung Galaxy S II Plus I9105 Review

Thanks to the iPhone, we now have the Android. Thanks to Motorola, the Android caught fire. But thanks to Samsung, the Android is now sealed as a smartphone giant, going head-to-head with the Apple iPhone.

It then goes without saying that Samsung is now THE Android giant to dominate the market. It is also the market leader in giving consumers smartphone designs to die for. Well, if not “to die for,” it would be, at least, “to drool over.”

From the Samsung Galaxy SII topping the 2012 “Smartphone of the Year” awards for various tech websites and tech awards competitions, Samsung has now set the bar for the best of the best. True enough, the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy SIII, and the Samsung Galaxy Note II have dominated the consumer markets and tech best-of-the-best charts alike.

If you’re not into the mainstream tastes and would rather be a bit offbeat, there is an update to the Samsung Galaxy SII, with less of the curves, less of the heft and the bulk of the latest high-end Samsung Galaxy lineup, and more of the SII goodness the market got used to: Enter the Samsung Galaxy SII Plus.


Otherwise known as the “Samsung I9105 Galaxy S II Plus,” or the “Samsung Galaxy S II Plus I9105,” it is just a bit bigger than the Samsung Galaxy SII. At 4.3,” this Smartphone giant isn’t quite as bulky as the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which stands at 4.7.” With just a little bit more screen than the Samsung Galaxy SII at 4.0,” it’s perfect for reading, emailing on the go, and stashing away in your pocket as a phone.

Aside from the screen size difference, the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus I9105 is exactly like the Samsung Galaxy SII (I9100) in most respects. However, it does cut corners on some aspects:

-The SII I9100 has Gorilla Glass, the SII Plus I9105 does not. Why does this matter? Gorilla Glass by Corning makes the screen so much durable, and in fact, phones with Gorilla Glass are marketed as practically scratch-proof and break-resistant. If you’ve watched the Samsung Galaxy SII I9100 vs iPhone 4S drop test videos, you will know what we’re talking about.

1. The SII I9100 has a 1.2GHz Dual-Core, A9 Cortex Exynos CPU, with a Mali-400MP GPU, while the SII Plus I9105 has 1.2GHz Dual-Core Broadcom BC28155 CPU with a Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU. Translated, it means that the SII Plus I9105 performs a little slower than the SII I9100 in some aspects.

2. The SII I9100 comes with either 16GB or 32GB internal storage, expandable up to 32GB, while the SII Plus I9105 only comes with 8GB internal storage. The SII Plus I9105 is expandable up to 64GB memory, however.

With the corners that Samsung has cut for the SII Plus I9105, a smartphone aficionado mad with hardware power may turn his nose up at this offering. But if a smart consumer considers the price difference between 2013’s market favorite, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, then the SII Plus I9105 may be a more affordable upgrade at a price range of $330 to $350.

Note that the Samsung Galaxy SII Plus I9105 comes in at a whopping $100 difference from the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which is priced at $445. With these considerations, a consumer should be aware of the hardware vs price differences and decide based on those factors.

The Samsung Galaxy S II Plus I9105 is available in some online sellers in Australia, as well as via If you’re looking for a worthy parallel to the Samsung Galaxy SII I9100, without the price pain of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, then this is a smartphone worth considering for you.


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