5 Reasons to Root your Android Tablet Today

We keep hearing the term Rooting the Smartphones or Tablets, but what exactly it means? In simple terms, it means gaining access to modify the instrument as per your need and not just accept the settings of the manufacturer. It is a part of hacking, wherein you enter the deepest root of the tablet and modify the device’s software. It sometimes can lead to warranty breakage and other security issues, but if you are geek then would love to do it.

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Before you begin rooting make sure to take a backup of the data and follow each step carefully. It is very difficult and risky to root your device, once you see the benefits that can be gained with it. Android tablets are easiest of the ones to go for rooting. Infact some of the applications will need root access to work on the tablet. Here are some the features which discuss the positive aspects of rooting the tablet:

1. More Applications

Rooting provides you the freedom on your tablet. You can install innumerable applications from Google Play, which can only be done if the device is rooted. Once you have rooted your device you are not tied up with the hardware manufacturer and can explore your own world. It would be like creating your own device with suitable applications.

2. Battery Life

Rooting will incredibly increase your device’s battery life. You can install customized kernels which will need less power. You can define rules on usage of the battery as per the application running. This way there is no extra consumption of power in the back end.

3. Wi-Fi Hotspot

You can use your rooted device for tethering internet connection. This way you can make your tablet a hotspot and connect all the rest instruments and share data connection. You can easily create your own Wi-Fi network without paying any charges to wireless carriers. There is an app Wireless Tether which you can install free of cost from Google Play. This app will do a 128 bit Wi-Fi encryption and can reduce Wi-Fi transmit power as well.

4. Better Backup App

Titanium Backup on Google play allows a rooted Android instrument to take back-up of all sorts of data from your phone. It not only includes normal backup like calendar, contact or pictures but also deep backups. For example it will store your games stats and even after phone reset you can play back from the same level.

5. Applications on SD card

Android OS does not allow any applications to be installed on the SD card. So in case your tablet has low internal memory and no expandable slot, then you may not be happy with the device. But once you have done the rooting, you can easily install the applications on the SD card itself. Thus even if need to run an application on some other instrument, it is easy to remove the SD card from the tablet and insert in the other device. This way your phone processing power also increases.

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