Anchor Text Diversity and SERP

As we all know vigorous link building is essential, if you want to rank high on Google. But there are many people who have got so many backlinks yet their posts or contents are not ranking on Google. If you are one of them and wondering that what can be the possible reason, here is a possible answer for you. Anchor text diversity is an unavoidable requirement to rank high on Google’s SERP. Let’s have some more discussion.

Anchor Text Types:

Anchor Texts are of different types based on linking texts’ relativity to the page META title.

1.Exact Match Anchor Text:
If you use the post title or the META title of the post or if you use your targeting key word as your Anchor text, then it is called exact match anchor text.

2.Partial Match Anchor Text:
When you use other words in conjunction to your primary key word or if you are using partial synonyms then it will be called partial match anchor text.

3.Generic Anchor Text/Zero Match Anchor Text:
If you use a whole different phrase in your anchor text or if you use general key words such as “Click here”, “Go here”, Go to this page, refer this link then they are the example of Generic anchor text.

4. Brand Name Anchor Text:
Using your brand as anchor text is called brand name anchor text. It is slightly different than exact match anchor text as exact match anchor text just involves exact phrase of keyword which not necessarily to be a brand name. Here in brand name anchor text, the exact brand name is used as anchor text.

Anchor Text Diversity and SERP:

Google ranks content on the basis of so many important factors. The heaviest among them are Backlinks and Anchor texts. Google has developed a patented algorithm for that. This algorithm has an important aspect known as “Query Deserves Diversity” or “QDD”.

Let me explain you, what QDD is?

If there are certain people across the globe, who want to have “beautiful lady wallpaper” then there can be different queries. All of you are intelligent enough to assume the variations, and if you are not then here are some of them – “Beautiful Woman Wallpaper, Lovely lady wallpaper, beautiful lady poster, beautiful lady photograph and many more.

So what can you do? You cannot use all the keywords in your META title as it will be counted as keyword stuffing. So you have to go for all the keyword variations via anchor texts. It means you have to use all those variations while guest posting to different blogs. Now here are two things. Over optimization and Consistency.

If you will not build the link at constant speed, or you stop after a vigorous campaign then your Link Velocity alters and that can affect your SERP heavily.
If you rank 1st for almost all the keyword variation, it will also be counted as suspicious if you do not have enough stability or domain authority as QDD will not be followed. There will not be any diversity in the results of the queries.

So, here I rests. I hope you have got all the points which I wanted to convey.

Anchor Text Diversity and SERP
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