The Top Home Security Apps (and One That Isn’t)

The latest statistics show that 8 out of every 1000 people in the UK can expect to be burgled in any year. These figures help to explain why more and more British homeowners are starting to spend more time thinking about their home security.

One of the most exciting advances in home security has been in the development of mobile apps which allow homeowners to monitor their home even when they aren’t there. You don’t need to be a technology expert to do this, and the following are a few of the top home security apps you should consider using to make your property even more security.


ADT Pulse

Anyone who owns a home alarm system from ADT should look at the home alarm apps which are available for both Android and iOS devices. The range of controls this offers the user is impressively comprehensive. As well as being able to control your burglar alarm you can control the likes of your security cameras, your lights and your thermostat. It is free and if you already have one of the alarm systems it works with then you should definitely get this app as well.


This app takes a slightly different approach and is mainly recommended if you want to control your home security through the use of CCTV cameras. It is free for both Apple devices and Android ones as well, but you need to have an active subscription to an appropriate service for it to work. You can use this app with up to 16 cameras at one time; meaning this it is suitable even for larger homes and businesses. If you choose to go a step further and integrate it with your current alarm system then you will get sent an image whenever there is activity there, such as a door or window being opened.


There are a number of apps around for both iOS and Android mobile devices which let you see the images from your PC’s webcam wherever you are. Some of these are free, making them a very affordable way to set up a rudimentary home security system. All you have to do it point the webcam at the door or window you want to monitor and you are up and running. The EyeSpy FX one costs a few pounds to buy but it is a little better than many of its competitors in terms of layout and user friendliness. Otherwise, you could check out a few and see which one appears to suit you best.


Yawcam is a remote home security monitoring piece of software which – unlike the others mentioned here – isn’t an app, although it can be used to help you make the place more secure when are away from it. Yawcam works very like those webcam apps we mentioned earlier but you don’t need to download an app in order to run it. You simply need to look up the location of the camera on the browser of your phone or tablet and you can see the images. It is free and while it won’t protect your whole house it is a smart move for security conscious gadget fans on a budget.

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