Why Advertisers Should Switch Their Methods Towards IPv6

IPv6 has opened the doors to entirely new system of advertisements and an opportunity for immense innovation. The system that used IPv4 provides the information towards what server is calling the information and within that server it is sent back the user that is requesting it. Computer scientists have been developing for years a system called IPv6 which expanded the IP system so immensely that every device now has its own identity. For advertisers this innovation has brought an entirely new wave of simplicity, better experience, and an opportunity for big data to truly show its stars.

Simplicity for the Advertisers

Using IPv6 has brought huge amounts of simplicity for the advertisers. Instead of having to use a bag full of tricks such as using cookies and page visitor counters to measure how many people view the pages, every device has a unique address. This will creates a system that is detailed enough to give a distinct identity to each viewer of the advertisement. If implemented properly this will allow advertisers to accurately measure how often a single user looks at their brand’s advertisements to judge if their ad actually does have an impact.

Why Advertisers Should Switch Their Methods Towards IPv6

Quicker Run Time

The next benefit is on the user’s end. With the elimination of cookies and other tools, the webpage will have a faster load time. Most web developers put the advertisement plugins at the end of the loading process to present the user the information that they were looking for first. In an environment with a slow internet connection this new system eliminates the time lag that advertisements go through. This lag that advertisers have to deal with is one of the largest deciding factors for whether or not a user will see the ad. When a user is waiting for the webpage to load up on a slow connection their eyes are looking around the webpage to find the information that they came for. Once their target is found, their eyes stop wandering and anything that pops up three seconds later is generally ignored. This is why it is so vital that advertisers work towards making quicker load times on their advertisements.

Big Data

Having identified accurate information towards what specific device is visiting the webpage and seeing the advertisement gives advertisers a much more accurate piece of data that they can use for big data analysis. Since IPv6 puts a face on every user, in a situation where an ad had 10,000,000 views yet the ad was never clicked it can explain to the advertiser that every user that saw it only saw that specific ad once. In result, the ad will be changed instead of kept there due to the large view count that it received. This pushes advertisers towards the goal of making an ad a commodity instead of an annoyance. The second that advertisers fully reach that goal is the same second that an advertiser gains the power to truly direct traffic.

IPv6 will revolutionize how advertisers approach target marketing. With information that puts a face on every viewer, the advertiser can present their content in places that only make a difference instead of dumping money through a process of trial and error. Right now, the majorities of all people see advertisements and just roll their eyes at the fact that they have to put up with them in order to be provided a free service. If advertisements could become an accurate source of suggestions that people benefit from having in their lives then it will be welcomed on every webpage.

Why Advertisers Should Switch Their Methods Towards IPv6
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