5 Reasons to Unlock Your Phone

Before knowing how to unlock a mobile phone, let us understand why the mobiles are locked?

SIM locking or mobile locking is a kind of security feature that is incorporated in the mobiles by the mobile manufacturers. With this built-in feature, mobile network carriers would restrict their customers to their networks only. In other words, mobile users have to buy a new handset when they switch over to a new service provider.

5 Reasons to Unlock Your Phone

Mobile locking can be done in any of the following three forms:

• SIM card restriction – Only one SIM is allowed on a given handset
• Country-wise restriction – Mobile can be used within the country where it was bought
• Network-wise restriction – Mobile can work with the SIM card of a particular network carrier.

Though the above restrictions are meant to meet certain security criteria they force the users to compromise without enjoying the true benefits of a mobile phone and telecommunication facility.

Mobile Unlocking Services

The need for breaking away from the shackles of mobile locking has given rise to the introduction of “mobile unlocking” service.

Why to Unlock a Mobile Phone

There are several reasons like the aforesaid SIM locking which make mobile users to go for unlocking. This alone is not the reason for you to unlock your mobile but there are other valid and useful reasons which are listed hereunder to your quick reading.

Reason 1: Maximize the Mobile Usage

As mentioned about, mobile unlocking paves the way for you to switch between the mobile network carriers without spending money on buying new handset up on every switch-over. This is a direct saving measure and lessens the financial burden on you.

Reason 2: Unlocking is Safe & Secured

Unlocking is not something to be done physically to the mobile. It is a matter of pressing few keys like punching unlocking codes and hence your mobile’s physical security is assured. Also, you would not be installing any third party, obscure software on to your smartphone and thus the unlocking is a safe activity.

Reason 3: Break away in to Freedom

Unlocking will add greater mobility to you. If you are traveling out of your home network, you can simply pick-up a SIM from the local mobile network operator and start making or receiving calls. Likewise, you would be eliminating the roaming charges to a great extent.

Reason 4: Go Global with your Favorite Phone

Unlocking your smartphone leverages your freedom to carry the same phone to any part of the world and all that you need is to buy a local SIM. Having unlocked, your phone is as gratis as you are.

Reason 5: More Money on Reselling

It is true that the unlocked mobiles phones are being resold faster than the locked ones. Thus your unlocked phone can become an investment for your new, bright and feature rich new phone.

One last word…unlocking is possible only with GSM mobile phones.

Having said this, we wish you happy unlocking!

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