Apple iOS 7 Will Set the World on Fire Soon: Features, Specs and Prices

Apple executives finally unveiled the latest operating system on iOS 7 which carries with it a host of new features that may delight the millions of Apple products consumers. Apparently, Apple carried on in bringing new overhauled features of their mobile operating system which is designed for creating a revolutionized design as compared to the older iOS 6 version. Here is a teaser about the latest features from the Apple iOS 7 that will soon stir the Apple user community probably by the last quarter of the year.


New Anti-theft features

Apple devices already have the Find My Phone feature as a means of tracking down your mobile devices from a map using a GPS tracker and one that you can use to remotely lock your mobile against unauthorized access and to remotely wipe out your phone data. Apple has added a new “activation lock” as an added anti-theft feature with the iOS 7. The Apple ID and password of the legitimate owner of an iPhone will be required before the device can be reactivated after being remotely cleaned or erased. This is an added security feature that is added in the latest iOS 7.

Multitasking features

The iOS 7 is now more capable of multitasking the way its user does. Pressing the home button of the device twice will show a preview of the screens of the applications that are currently open, allowing you to get back to the app from where you left off when using it. It can also schedule updates at times when your device is on or has a Wi-Fi connection to save battery power.

Camera with the right formats

The new iOS 7 brings all the proper formats on your devices. There are more filters to use and different lens shape available like square, panorama element and circles. The live filter feature provides you a view of your subject using dramatic effects before you click on the shutter. The new camera features allow you to give your photos a retro effect and to dial up the contrast.

Photo sharing and gallery

Apple integrates “moments” with its iOS 7. You can see your photo gallery displaying a collection of photos by a group simply by zooming out your view from the photo app. Zooming out the view again will display a yearly overview of your photos and location tags may be used to remind you important details about those special moments captured on camera. Holding your finger over the thumbnail will show individual image. It also has a shared photo stream that you can share through iCloud with your friends.


This is a new feature that allows you to share almost everything to someone by simply dropping the files, photos, video or contacts on a share button. Simply tap the button share and then select the person from your contact to whom you want to share them with and iOS 7 does the rest of the task either through Bluetooth or Wifi. No more setup required, no more attachments in email, and no more other daunting tasks of sharing files with AirDrop.

Safari overhauled features

The Safari gets a new tab view allowing you to see more web pages that you open in a single view. It also comes with a unified smart search that gives suggestions on the URL that is close to your search to help you find the website that you are looking for.

A Smarter Siri

A male voice counterpart of Siri is now available with iOS 7. Siri can also speak in German and French and you should expect more languages to be integrated with Siri. Siri gets smarter this time when it is capable of playing back voicemails, to increase or decrease screen brightness, turning on and off certain apps, and can pull web results.

iOS 7 in your car

Apple now allows the iOS 7 to be integrated into the built in screens in cars that will support the Siri features for hassle free driving when using your phone. Siri can read iMessage with the ability to transcribe your response through dictation. You can also access maps in order to get direction and to control your music player.


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