How good to use latest jQuery plugins

jQuery is an advanced cross-browser java script library that is basically compiled for simplifying the client-side scripting of HTML. In other words it’s an instant JavaScript library that offers tons of attractive visual effects. Because of this feature, jQuery is often used by web designers to create lovable and amazing effects and animations in their website.
Web designers may face certain problems while designing. They may sometimes need the help of instant plugins that simplify their tasks and make their design look more elegant. Here are some of the latest jQuery plugins that simplify your task of web designing.

Cloud Zoom

Professor Cloud’s Cloud Zoom is a great jQuery plugin used on most leading ecommerce web sites. The functions of Cloud zoom are similar to that of a Magic zoom. Compared to other popular zoom plugins, Cloud zoom is small, more advanced and more compatible across all leading browsers. With this plugin, users are allowed to zoom in on your main product image by simply moving the mouse over it. Cloud zoom helps your site visitors have a detailed picture of your product. This plugin fulfills the requirements of modern websites and touch-enabled devices. It makes your product image appear more elegant.
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Minimit Gallery plugin

Minimit is a jQuery custom slider plugin that practically customizes galleries, slideshows, slides, etc. Minimit Gallery allows you to focus on coding the interface animations and the plugin takes care of the rest of logic functionality. It’s exclusively designed for advanced JavaScript developers. It is found to be compatible with browsers like IE7+, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
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You must be aware of the concept of iPhone or Android’s menu where different apps are neatly organized on a window. PromptUmenu is a handy jQuery plugin which functions in the same way. It’s too easy to use.
The basic concept of this plugin is to offer you the iPhone or Android like experience by designing a window with a menu. For example, if a menu’s page is not enough to fit the icons, you can always access the rest of the icons on the next page of the menu. If you are using a touch-screen mobile handset, you can access the rest of icons by swiping with a finger. Similarly, if you are on a PC, you can switch over to the next page using a mouse. The jQuery plugin is sensitive to the mouse’s momentum and takes the user to the relevant page. The plugin also allows you to decide the number of icons to be displayed on each page as well as the manner by which the items should scroll, either horizontally or vertically.
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jFont size

jFont size is a plugin that allow users with vision problems to easily access the contents of a webpage. This tool helps to increase the font size of a web page. Although readers can change this with the help of standard browser settings, very few people are aware of this function.
The font size buttons are actually added to the standard HTML-CSS and the plugin takes care of the resize part. It is also possible to define a specific area on the web page and only the contents of that element will be altered.
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jQuery FitText

Fit Text is a wonderful jQuery plugin which makes text fit into a pre-defined area. It automatically alters the text size of defined area to fit within the scroll Height value specified. This can be helpful in places where you have a fixed-height layout element that is overcrowded with text.
This tool automatically decreases the font size value of the text until the elements fit into a desired scroll Height value. It ensures a non-broken layout when a page is viewed from a mobile or desktop browser. You can repeat the action on specified area any number of times.
Excolor Excolor is a powerful color picker plugin that allow users to choose colors from a Photoshop like color picker. You can choose from 10 different design elements to create a unique look.
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