What to Do Before Selling Your Laptop

Just bought yourself a shiny new computer? Once you’ve got to know your new best friend, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with your old one. If it’s still in good condition there are plenty of places to sell your netbook for cash, but make sure you’ve followed these simple steps first to bring the most out of your old machine and make you few extra pounds:

De-authorize software

If you’ve got any expensive software on your machine, make sure you de-authorize your programs so you can reinstall them on your new laptop. Software like Adobe Photoshop and other creative suites are savvy enough to stop you from installing programs on other computers, but if you’ve given your old computer away then strictly speaking you don’t have it installed anymore and you’ll need to phone up the developer and explain before you’ll be allowed to install the software again. A hassle you really don’t need!

Selling Your Laptop

Back-up your files and wipe your hard-drive

Before you sell on your old laptop, make sure you’ve backed up all your computer files. Once that machine’s in the possession of someone else, you’ll have to wave goodbye to any sentimental snaps and your 10 GB collection of MP3s – unless you’ve backed them up! When you’re computer is working perfectly backing up is easy. Choose from an external USB storage device or a cloud system that allows you to store your data online. If you’re computer isn’t powering up, you have the option to hire an IT professional for full data recovery or dismantled your computer yourself and remove the hard-drive. You can then put the hard-drive in an external enclosure which plugs directly into your new machine and can be used to transfer files or just kept as an extra back-up drive.

Once you’ve backed up your files, you need to wipe your hard-drive clean so no one else can get hold of your old data. Use the in-built disk-wipe utility and ensure you let it run until the end for a complete wipe of your computer disks. If this function makes you aware of a hard-drive error, you should consider replacing the hard-drive before selling.

Physically clean it

Get your old laptop sparkling ready for the sales photos. Cleaning your laptop is a simple trick that can help you get more for your buck. Firstly spray a computer surface cleaner onto a kitchen towel until its damp. Place the towel on your opened netbook and gently wipe over the entire screen, keyboard and mouse bad. Get a few cotton buds dipped in cleaner and then work these gently between your keys. A compressed air spray is ideal for further blowing crumbs and dust from any tight spaces on your laptop.

What to Do Before Selling Your Laptop
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