10 Tips for Customizing WordPress Themes

Customizing the theme means putting some personal touch in it. However it is not necessary to add some personal art in blog’s or website’s theme, but having a unique and exclusive customized theme enhance your site’s appearance and make it to stand out among all other branded band of bloggers.
Most of the people use customized theme as it attracts the reader attention more than the impersonal feel that can be impart by using the standard theme that lacks in the flavor of customized one. In this article I’m going to share 10 tools for customizing the word press theme, so use them to give your site that distinctive edge that makes your blog’s presence outstanding over the world-wide-web. When it comes to tools, tons of tools are there that can help you in the process of customizing the theme. Hopefully these tools will reduce your some of hassles and will work exclusively for your blog.

• Use custom default Gravatar instead of using the default word press mystery man. It will help you to further establish or solidify the brand. Once you use this gravatar in place, the more it will build brand consistency for your site or blog. Here, there is no need to mention that if you have this gravatar reflecting your brand, the online audience will take you and your blog a bit more seriously.

• Normally we avoid our blog’s about page but since you want your reader to respond on your personalization aspects of design, of course they have desire to connect with more personal level with whomever runs the blog. Put some extra time for the about page and make it informative and let your readers know about you.

• Don’t forget to incorporate social media in your blog. Since social media is the major source for reaching out people online, incorporate it and open up more revenues for that insight. The more you showing your readers that you are open to engage with them the more your blog will look personal.

• The most valuable part of personalizing your site is engaging your readers. Today people want to feel freely to share and discuss the topics, so engaged them effectively in your discussion that shows them that you are listening to them and give the importance that they deserve.

• If you are allowing your readers to register on your blogs, personalize your log in page. This will strengthen your brand and though even if you don’t want to allow them, still it will be great to enhance branding as most of the users use that page to access the post.

• Highlight your regular guest author. This will show your great appreciation to all those who work hard to make your site all that it is.

• Content is king today and you are very well known about it. So don’t forget to highlight the content on your blog that helps your reader to connect with it.

• Sometimes people finds your blog via broken link and if you want to show them how your blog look like or what they can expect from your site, make unique and useful 404 page. You can provide link to new or popular post or somewhere else that reflects your blog appearance to them.

• You can style author’s comment or replies differently that helps readers to understand easily. In some threaded comments, author’s comments looks get lost and highlighting these will also show that you want your author to stand out among all.

• At last note to make your blog footer effective and interesting. Your blog’s bottom line needs more personal touch and attention then rest of the site. Make it engaging and attractive as well.

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