5 Ways to Use Social Media for SEO Benefits

Social media is a new marketing world where people interact with each other through creating, sharing and exchanging information.Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter are literally subtracting and other companies are scrambling to get the place. There is no doubt that social media and virtual marketing are so effective. But between all of this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) still fits in its place where it is with the rise of social media sites. Because SEO is more connected with them as we might think. The main function of SEO is to follow the behavior and trends of real people. As search progress we will introduced with new social factors which help to comprised ranking algorithms.The followings are some benefits.

Vanity URLS

This is the easiest way to increase your page rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo.Here we are talking about URLs and it is basically website address. When we get the address it seems like some random number, symbol or letter but now it’s more customers friendly. Google+ is the only social networking site which uses this vanity URLs.

Social media pages with high ranking potential

Another SEO benefit is that social media sites have great potential of high ranking and high domain authority. That’s why many pages of different sites and profiles also ranked for targeted keyword. So that when we type some keyword,the search engine will show us multiple brands.We always need to fill out all the basic information provided by the social media. But some time it needs some more information like business name, location, contact details, ‘about myself’ section, industry, company website, contact name.

Integration into the search results and tagging

Google, yahoo, Bing those are the universal search engines and working with this kind of integrating SEO tools gives us more useful content other than plain links into their search option.Now Facebook and Twitter make a partnership with Google and Bing to integrate social status and updates into results.
Geo tagging (SEO Tool) is beneficial because in social media sites people are looking for a result in some particular area and using this Geo tagged keywordsthis process is becoming a way of helping customers.

Sharing information

In the social media sites people are rapidly looking for high quality sharable content. So when we are thinking about SEO benefits, it is important to know that Google, yahoo those search engines take your activity when they are calculating your page rank.

Google Algorithm Change Forced Marketers For Changes

Earlier in 2011, Google was worried because social media sites peak too much from its customer base. Then Google changed its algorithm, so that social media sites are upgraded and other less qualitative sites were downgraded. This change makes the social media sites more valuable.
SEO does not mean only about keyword research, optimizing the webpage content, and building links. Social marketing and SEO work hand in hand. So, everyone just needs to be social for gaining success.

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