First impressions review: Micromax Canvas 4

Finally Micromax has launched the much anticipated Canvas 4 Smartphone which is Micromax’s new flagship and its most expensive Smartphone. So here is the first impression that I have got after having a look at this device.

Its not only the feature that makes Micromax the number one homegrown manufacturer but also the blend of aggressive pricing and features that has always helped Micromax in selling their device and in accelerating their growth. But what I feel is that with Canvas 4 the company seems to have taken some wrong turn this time because priced at Rs 17,999, this dual SIM phone is on a little bit expensive side.
If you were expecting something new in the design in Canvas 4 then I must tell you that you will be disappointed because there is nothing new in the design except the Aluminium casing which surrounds the edges. The design is simple and plain but it lacks the WOW factor. The phone is made of plastic and its back panel has a glossy finish which does not attract too many eyes I must say and add to this the Micromax logo in the centre of the back panel totally spoils the look. The phone is light in weight which is good for carrying but overall the design is not that impressing.

Now coming to the features, the phone can be unlocked either by shaking or blowing air which is nothing more than a gimmick. The viewing angles are good but the color reproduction is not worth mentioning for. On the other hand the screen is responsive and very smooth to navigate. The company claims that the screen has been optimized for glove use.

It has a 13 megapixel camera on the back side which captures decent photographs and the burst shot mode lets you capture up to 99 photos in just less than 15 seconds and you can choose the best one among these. But do we really need those many shots to choose the best one? You can also shoot 1080p videos. It has also got a 5 megapixel camera in front for your online conversations.

The company also claims to have included some innovations in their newly launched device like video pinning, look away to pause video and flip to mute feature. But I must tell you none of them are innovations that Micromax claims them to be theirs. They are merely copied features and that I am sure that many of you have experienced these in many phones and apps earlier.

The phone has decent space to store all your stuffs. Micromax Canvas 4 offers an internal storage of 16 GB and to be precise 12.48 GB for user accessible. The phone also supports microSD cards up to 32 GB.
As I have already said that the company which is known for pricing its products competitively seems to forget its driving force in order to shift to a new segment. So I can’t see many people willing to spend Rs 18000 on a Micromax product which not only lacks freshness but also has got nothing called awesome inside.

First impressions review: Micromax Canvas 4
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