How Are Electronic Cigarettes Different from Conventional Cigarettes

According to recent reports, electronic cigarettes are a growing trend. Industry experts tell us that some of the best electric cigarette brands are increasingly replacing traditional cigarette smoking. This is a trend that could outpace traditional cigarettes within a couple of decades. In fact, seeing the writing on the wall, several manufacturers of conventional cigarettes have recently launched their own e cigarettes in order to keep up with changing trends and preferences.

So what are electronic cigarettes? What makes them different from conventional cigarettes and why do so many users swear by them?

How Are Electronic Cigarettes Different from Conventional Cigarettes

Smoke versus vapor

The main difference between conventional cigarettes and e cigarettes is that e cigarettes are smokeless; in fact they are often referred to as smokeless cigarettes. This is because the mechanism used is different in each – whereas conventional cigarettes burn tobacco, which creates smoke which is then inhaled by the lungs, the e cigarette contains a solution that is vaporized by a heating element to produce vapor.

So while conventional cigarettes produce smoke that contains toxins and carcinogens, e cigs produce a vapor that is much safer to inhale. Eclectic cigarettes use no burning mechanism; instead they are powered by batteries. You don’t need a match or a lighter to ‘light-up’ an e-cig.

There is also no fear of passive smoking with e cigarettes. Since there is no smoke, it cannot be inhaled by people nearby, nor can smoke permeate the furniture and tapestry of an enclosed space. For this reason it is possible to use e cigarettes in some public spaces where actual smoking may be banned.

E cigarettes can help one quit smoking

Conventional cigarettes are addictive – we know that. This is why they are so difficult to give up. But another product called portable vaporizer has surfaced to help smokers stop puffing the real cigarette. Once the body becomes reliant on that nicotine fix, it becomes difficult if not impossible for a smoker to wean themselves away from it.

E cigarettes have been designed to help people quit smoking. They are not a smoking device at all thought they are designed to look and feel like one. They are actually Nicotine Delivery Systems. They give a smoker their nicotine fix without the toxic smoke that they would ordinarily inhale with a conventional cigarette. Many cigarette smokers who are unable to go off smoking cold turkey find that using an e cig can help them quit their habit effectively and without the more difficult withdrawal symptoms. It helps smokers since it replaces a harmful habit with a safer one.

How Are Electronic Cigarettes Different from Conventional Cigarettes
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