How to Root HTC Explorer

You know that you can root your android smartphones so that you can max out the performance of your device. Today we are going to tell you the tutorial to root HTC Explorer. HTC Explorer is not a high end smartphone but still we can root it so that we can take the maximum advantage of the smartphone. One of the biggest problems which the users of HTC Explorer face is the memory issue. Because of low memory many of HTC Explorer users are not able to install new apps and games. With the help of rooting you can transfer your installed app data from phone memory to SD memory thus your problem is solved.
Before telling the tutorial let me tell you some benefits which you will get after rooting your device.
1. The very first benefit which you will get is freedom of memory which we already told you above.
2. You can install apps which require root access of your smartphone. One of the best example of the app I am talking about is the Titanium Backup, which helps you to take backup. If you have rooted your smartphone you can install apps like Titanium Backup.
3. If you have rooted your smartphone you can install custom firmwares like Cyanogenmod – which I use for my Samsung Galaxy s3-. These firmwares are a lot faster than the stock firmware’s and you get a lot of additional features in these firmwares.

Rooting Procedure

Follow the procedure explained bellow step by step. Rooting of HTC smartphones is much simpler as compared to other smartphone’s rooting. Keep one thing in mind that this website will not be responsible if you brick or harm your device while rooting.

Download Files

All the files which you will need during rooting your HTC Explorer can be downloaded from this link . You also need to download HTC Sync which will help you to install the drivers of your HTC Explorer smartphone which you can download from here

Unlocking Bootloader

Once you have downloaded all the necessary files and you have installed HTC Sync the next step you need to perform is unlock bootloader of your HTC Explorer smartphone. Unlocking the bootloader is one of the most important task in the entire rooting process. HTC has made its own method of unlocking the bootloader of all the HTC smartphones. You will also need some files when you would be boot loading your smartphone. You have already downloaded these files in the previous step.
Visit this website and select your device and start boot loading your smartphone.

Installing the recovery mode

Once you have unlocked the bootloader of your smartphone the next step you need to do is install the recovery mode in your smartphone. You need to disconnect your mobile from PC when you have to install the recovery mode. You can install custom ROM’s in recovery mode. There are two types of recovery mode available, one is Clock-work and the other one is TWRP. We are using TWRP mode as it is more user friendly.
1. Turn your mobile off and remove the battery and insert it back again. Now you have to press the Volume Down + Power button and you will enter in boot loader menu.
2. For navigation use the volume up and volume down button. Come to Fastboot and select it using the power button.
3. Now you have to connect your phone to PC using the USB cable and after connecting you will receive a message “Fastboot USB” and drivers of your device will be installed.
4. After all the drivers have been installed, open the command prompt in your PC and then run the following commands:-
cd c:/fastboot
fastboot devices
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader

5. Now restart the phone and don’t go into the bootloader menu. Now copy the file from the fast boot folder to your SD card.
6. Remove your phone from PC and restart it and go into bootloader menu and then into recovery mode.
7. When you are in recovery mode install the file
After you have installed the file your HTC Explorer is rooted.

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