Top 5 Rated Android Apps for Tablet of 2013

It’s time to renovate your tablet and discover different apps which will change the functionality of your regular Tablet. Mentioned below are the best 5 Android Tablet Apps which are a must have for your tablet.

1. SocialFrame Free HD:

How about turning your table into a digital photo frame! Pick up the SocialFrame Tablet App. With SocialFrame app, you can easily synchronize your tagged photos from Facebook and Twitter. Be it a vacation trip, surprise event, lovely moments or calm get-together, sharing, tagging and synchronizing photos becomes effort less. SocialFrame also includes a small gizmo to keep track of time, weather of locality and RSS feeds to keep you all time updated.

Best 5 Android Table Apps

2. BeNote:

If you are a working professional with busy schedule packed with meetings and workshops or a home makers with hectic routine, then BeNote is the ultimate app to organize and access your vital information. BeNote is a note taking tool which uses a routine approach for efficient information storing. It contains quick and functional note recording tools like dates, time, action, images, conclusions, snapshots etc. It also notifies useful remainder by reviewing your notes. BeNote has a dedicated Review Mode which efficiently categorizes your notes by keywords or type. BeNote is specifically designed to support Android functionalities. You can share your notes, generate backups and restore info from the installed cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive etc.

3. CamCard HD:

CamCard HD app gives you maximum advantage for managing and accessing your business associations with ease. CamCard is a biz card reader which is loaded with superb recognition facility and useful features. CamCord identifies the acquaintance information by taking a snap of the business card and saving it in the Address List or the Card Pocket. Managing and sorting loads of business cards can be done instantly. It is loaded with unique features like auto detection of text orientation, card language, card image rotation, enhancing and cropping card image etc. It offers flawless sync between several devices like tablets, smartphones and PC. It supports varied languages like English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian etc.

4. TeamViewer for Remote Control:

How about the idea of accessing files and folder stored in your computer remotely!!! TeamViewer transforms your Android Tablet into a fully functional remote control for your computer. TeamViewer can be downloaded for free and is supported by different platforms like MAC, Linux and Windows. Simply download the TeamViewer app, install the interface on your personal computer and build an assured connection from remote distance. Using the app you can remotely open and edit files, run installed software and pass on information and contents byway. TeamViewer uses the phone network or the Wi-Fi for setting up the connection.

5. Smart Office 2:

If you need to stick to your desktop or the computer for you work, then Smart Office 2 is the best option for you to complete your work while you are on the move. Smart Office 2 app provides smart and efficient solution to open and edit Microsoft Office documents on your Android tablet. Now you can access Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point documents anytime and anywhere you need it. PDF files can also be exported and printed using the Smart Office 2 app.

Hope the best 5 Android Tablet apps will transform the way of using your tablet and bring in new excitement and experiences.

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