Blogging as a Career – Infographic

My sister used to maintain a personal dairy in which she told me that she note all those little moments from her daily life. It may sound absurd to many of you who don’t have a habit to pen down their inner thoughts as they won’t see any need of doing this so religiously. But for those like some of you for whom writing is a great way of expressing yourself will be able to relate.

Later in the computer age this “writing a diary” thing eventually gave rise to blogging. Blogging is just a more sophisticated version of expressing yourself. People write blogs to share and communicate their inner voices with others via this great medium we call internet. Using it they not only give their idea on a subject but also get the other’s point of view on that matter. Hence it is a fantastic way to come closer via blogs despite of living distantly.

Now blogs are used for professional purposes as well. There are a plethora of blogging websites, bloggers and tools to facilitate the use of blogging in professional world. There are three categories of professional bloggers; Self-employed, part time and corporate bloggers. Self-employed bloggers are those who earn solely via blogging. They write and publish blogs on their own blog site or on other sites used for the purpose. They write on different topics and people gradually follow them and discuss the topics.

Part time bloggers are those who earn by other means too apart from blogging. Some of them write to satisfy their writing desires and some do it to add few bucks to their pockets. The third category i.e. corporate bloggers are hired by the companies who hire them to improve communication and culture for internal purposes. The other responsibilities of corporate bloggers are marketing of their products, services, branding and for public relations specific tasks.

Used for personal or professional purposes, blogging has grown tremendously and is a fantastic mode of networking and communication across the souls staying across the world!

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