How to Get Quality Links to Your Blog

Today we are going to talk about how to get both dofollow and nofollow links to your blog. Backlinks are a great way to increase Google PageRank value.
Backlinks are those links from other blogs / sites that lead to your blog. The best example is when you comment on a blog and the write the URL of your blog in the comment form where it says URL. This is called backlink.

Guest posts
Guest posts are the best way get dofollow links from high PageRank websites with authority. A quality and unique guest post can bring dofollow links and quality traffic, people in the future will be your loyal readers to your blog. So start writing guest- written posts to increase the value of your blog. Remember that an article must contain at least 300 words, must include one or two keywords, one or two links to your blog with an anchor text of course. Look for quality blogs, with high page rank that are related to your field. When it comes to seo link building, any blog needs to include guest posts in its long term strategy.
Comments on blogs
This method is the most used lately by most bloggers. Unlike guest- posting, comments on blogs are more efficient in terms of time and quantity. We say this because while writing a guest- post (which lasts at least half an hour, an hour or even more) you can easily comment on 15-20 different blogs with unique areas. Caution! A comment on 10 blogs is the same as 100 comments on each of those 10 blogs. Google will still report 10 links. So it’s good to comment on many blogs, but not on every article of the same blog.
Organize contests
Organizes various competitions with valuable prizes. This method is effective because you will definitely get a free link from participants. Whether the contest is to promote your blog when each participant is required to write an article and put a link to your blog, or the participants write on their blogs about the competition and ask their readers to vote.
Publishing articles
This is a way to earn both traffic and readers and a free backlink. Publish your articles on blog sites created specifically to promote articles.
This SEO method through advertorials is very efficient, but you need to invest a certain amount of money. However, the results are very good, fast and natural for Google.
Provide information in exchange for a link

This method requires knowledge in a particular field and you can use it to promote your blog. You can design a logo a blog, you can write an article, or if you’re good with programming, you can help people in exchange for a link displayed in the sidebar, footer, header etc.

3 way link exchange

According to the latest information published online, Google Penguin appreciates 3-way links. Learn to do link exchange correctly. 3 -way linking is something like this: blog A links to blog B, blog B links to blog C, blog C links to blog A.

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