How to Know That Blog Need Attention

Does your Blog need attention? Well many bloggers do not know how to work on there blog effectively so that to make there blog productive. If you are not a full time blogger then it’s hard to look after your blog regularly though it is equally important to complete your other works.

From this post you would learn to know that does your blog need attention or not. So here are some quick tips for my fellow bloggers from which they can easily analyze that whether they need to work quickly on your blog or you have some time to work on your blog.

Your Domain authority Decreasing:

The foremost effect you will be able to notice if you are not working on your blog from long time would be a rapid decrease in your domain authority. So if you notice that your domain authority tends to decrease then you must hurry up and take few serious steps because its time when your blog need attention of yours.

Your Blog is not updated regularly

This must be a known fact that content is a king so unless you update your blog you will get responses and clicks on your post but if you miss to update your blog then how can you expect that your blog would turn revenues for you so you must take out time for your blog if you need returns from your blog

If Page Rank update is near

Though it’s hard to deny from the fact that most of the bloggers works hard for attaining a good page rank so you must work hard when the page rank update is on its way. So if you want to attain a good page rank then you must double your efforts in terms of Content and SEO and hope for the best that’s what you can do because no one knows what Google Update will return to your efforts for your blog.

Your Alexa decreasing Day by day

Many bloggers judge a blog if the blog has a good alexa. For good alexa your blog need your attention so take out few minutes for your blog too else your alexa might get down and you will not able to attract new visitors.
What would be your profit then? If no one likes your blog. There is always a room for improvement so just try to improve in every thing which best suits fro your blog.

Your traffic is decreasing

Traffic is the key to success and traffic what every blogger expects whenever they start a blog. So if you traffic is decreasing it’s a serious issue and you must work hard to get your traffic back this can only be achieved if you always have an eye on your blog and hence your blog need attention in such cases of loosing traffic.

Your Blogging Competitor is rising day by day

There is a say that your must keep your friends near but your enemy[competitors] nearer, so you must have an eye on your blogging competition too so engaging yourself in these terms also might help you to grow. So if your blogging competitor’s blog is growing rapidly then your blog need your attention seriously to make it through.

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