Make Your Football Parties Stand Out with New Media Room Technology

It’s football season, super fans! Sunday afternoon and Monday nights are for play by plays, lucky jerseys and shouting at the television. These big games call for a big media setup, especially if you’re hoping to draw a crowd. High definition isn’t just a suggestion anymore. It’s a necessary element to a quality viewing experience.

It’s always better to share football season with a friend or two, but how are you going to lure people to your media room if you don’t have the latest technology? These suggestions will help you create a technology-driven, ultra-modern media room. You’ll have the latest and best innovations, making your home the place to be for Monday Night Football.

Make Your Football Parties Stand Out with New Media Room Technology

1. The Best Television

These days, everyone has a high definition television. If you want your media room to stand out, you’re going to have to shell out the big bucks for something new and exciting. You’ll want to consider size, as well as trending technologies. Anything 46” or larger should suffice. As for the technology, your preference is going to play a large part in determining what to buy.

New technologies include:
• OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) is a new display technology that’s “brighter, more efficient, thinner and features better refresh rates and contrast than either LCD or Plasma. OLED TVs deliver the best picture quality ever.”

• Smart TVs have interactive features and applications. Many older models are considered ‘smart’, but modern televisions are going to include live searching and new applications not found on older models.

2. Make the Right Connection

It goes without saying that your media room should include surround sound, a Blu-ray player and a music setup. Integrating these electronics is going to take your media center to a whole other level. You’ll be able to press a button and pause the game. Another button press will turn on the stereo and get the room rocking. In order to connect everything, you’ll need the right components.

For audio video distribution, MilesTek suggests hooking up an HDMI distribution box, a simple device that allows you to manage multiple sources of HDMI signals. Also, include VGA distribution to ensure increased signal distribution for all your applications.

3. Keep it Clean

The last thing you need is one of the guys tripping over an exposed cable. Make sure you hide wires and cables, during the initial setup. This is going to ensure the room looks great, but is safe too. It doesn’t hurt to add some paint and décor, to spruce the place up and get it looking as good as the display on your new television.

Optional: Soundproof the room. This will ensure you’re not disturbing the rest of the house.

4. Automate Your Media Room

Imagine the look of astonishment on your friend’s faces when they hear you give your room a voice command. Smart home automation systems allow you to control your home theater with a single remote or voice commands. These automated systems are also capable of controlling security, music, lighting and more.

5. It’s All in the Presentation

Just because you have the newest technology doesn’t mean you’ll win against a friend in the battle over media rooms. If you truly want games to happen at your place, you’re going to need comfortable furniture, pleasing decor and a lot of tasty snacks. Take your presentation to the next level, by looking for modern furniture options that offer both comfort and convenience.

Once you’ve decked your place out, you’ll be ready to enjoy the football season in style.

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