Managed Security Services – Infographic

For every business apart from the core it is very important to stay protected. There are business risk services which can be delivered in 3 ways – Onsite, remotely and in the cloud but whatever is the way the organization is responsible for defending its network against potential security threats but working with an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) allows these organizations to concentrate on their core business and remain protected from these security threats. There are 6 categories of managed security services –

Onsite consulting

Business risks, key requirements for security and security policy and process development are handled by the MSSP under this category. They assess the security architecture and design related to technical/ business risk and procedures here. Apart from these onsite incident responses and forensics and security product integration is also done in this head.

Remote perimeter management

Under this category the upgrades and installations of your firewall, intrusion detection hardware and software are done. This category also handles the upgrades and installations for VPNs (Virtual private networks) too along with the configuration changes required on behalf of the customer.

Product resale

This major revenue generator for most of the MSSPs is not an exact managed security service. Here they provide value added hardware and software to customers for security functions.

Managed security monitoring

All the needed daily monitoring activities like malicious hacks, denials of service (DOS), anomalies, and unauthorized behaviour are done here. Providers not only monitor but also interpret the monitored system events across the network and do trend analysis as well.

Penetration and vulnerability testing

This one comprises the deliberate testing of the networks. This can be one time or occasional or as and when required. Such tests can’t guarantee the testing of individual related exposures where employees are involved also testing of whole network is not promised.

Compliance monitoring

Sometimes there are some technical risks like administrators allow themselves to have extreme access to systems which can be a potential threat to the security of the business. Such checks where compliance to a technical risk model is looked after comes under this category. Change management is checked via logs maintained for the same and these way policies for security are audited.

Doing everything yourself is not productive. Outsourcing is best for security services and Lack of expertise and lack of time are crucial factors in the decision of outsourcing managed security services.

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