Speed thrills, Delay Kills (Infographic)

Gone are the days when people used to depend upon pamphlets, word of mouth for promoting their business or publicity. For example, number shops have taken a setback after the arrival of online shopping. You don’t have to go out to get something as the whole range of branded and local things are available with pictures, cost and other information required by a shopper. Free home deliveries, discounts, easy shopping and no rental for shops have made the win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

But in such cases speed becomes the key factor. In the world of superfast internet services where fraction of a second can change a profitable project to scrap it is very important to deliver data without even a fractional delay. The popularity of online services can be attributed to the time saving feature of these websites. People shop, pay bills, do bank transactions, communicate, advertise, get information, get entertained and so on using these websites. According to a survey; 23% of the dis-satisfied shoppers attribute their dissatisfaction to slowly loading webpages. Surveys show that 47% of the customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or even less. In cases where webpages take more time than 3 seconds users abandon the pages.

There are several reasons why your business can go down despite your best efforts and energy inputs. You can start investigation for a declining business with looking into the online promotion or accessibility efforts done for it. Ask yourself; is slow website ruining your business? It is very important that your hosting service provide minimal or no-delay service to your website. You can imagine the importance of a “second” by the fact that if an e-commerce website makes $100,000 per day a one-second page delay will cost them $2.5 million annually in lost sales. Hence a slow website can act as a killer for any business. Mind it for a business – Speed thrills and Delay kills!

Slow Website Infographic

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