The Beautiful and Functional Dell Ultrabook XPS 12

Computer manufacturers have filled in all of the missing links between desktop computers and smartphones. Ten years ago, the personal computer industry consisted of desktop and laptop computers, but now it includes smartphones, tablets, televisions, and even mobile devices that fall under multiple categories. The Dell Ultrabook XPS 12 is a lightweight, stylish notebook that easily turns into a tablet.

Two Devices in One

Consumers overwhelmingly love tablets. They easily fit into a purse or backpack, and their intuitive controls require only a few minutes to master. They’re small and lightweight, but their small size prevents them from taking advantage of more powerful hardware commonly found in notebook computers. Early tablets struggled with everyday tasks such as watching videos, and gaming was practically out of the question.

The XPS 12 solves this problem by combining a tablet with a notebook computer. With a flip-hinge design, users can turn the screen away from the keyboard for a tablet experience, and they can flip it around again to use the keyboard. It’s a simple feature that makes the XPS 12 a versatile computer that excels as both an entertainment and productivity device.

The Beautiful and Functional Dell Ultrabook XPS 12

A Screen That Pulls No Punches

The 12.5-inch touchscreen display features a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Thanks to its amazing pixel density, the XPS 12 is about 36 percent sharper than a 17-inch laptop with the same resolution. HD movies and video games look nothing short of spectacular on this device.

The Real Windows 8 Experience

The Dell Ultrabook XPS 12 feels like it was made to take advantage of every feature the new operating system offers. The 64-bit OS can use the XPS 12’s 4 GB of DDR3 memory, and the solid state drive comes preloaded with the newest versions of Skype and Internet Explorer to get new users started.

The spill-resistant, backlit keyboard and rugged design allow the XPS 12 to survive the occasional drop or spilled drink. Intel’s Smart Connect Technology keeps the device updated with the latest software patches, and the 50 mWh battery offers hours of uninterrupted gaming or movie watching.

Powerful Specs

With a dual-core i5-4200U running at 2.6 GHz, the XPS 12 is faster than any dedicated tablet. Intel’s new HD Graphics 4400 chipset offers significantly more graphical horsepower than the aging 4000 chipset, and Realtek’s ALC3260 audio chipset provides crystal clear music playback without slowing down the CPU. The 128 GB SSD lets users boot up in under 10 seconds, and a 1.3 MP webcam with dual microphones is perfect for video calls.

Starting at $1,200, some consumers will be put off by the high price tag. However, consumers can save hundreds by purchasing the XPS 12 instead of a $500 tablet and $1,000 notebook, which may or may not use different operating systems and apps. Consumers can further reduce the XPS 12’s price if they take advantage of Dell coupon codes, which can help them save 10 percent or more on a variety of computers, accessories, and software.

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