The Objectives Of The Adobe InDesign CS5 Certification Examination

The Adobe InDesign CS5 certification will prepare an individual to take on a job role as a designer or print designer. The certification test is available in four different languages. The test can be taken by individuals fluent in Japanese, English, French and German. The registration fee that needs to be paid prior to testing is $180.

The Adobe InDesign CS5 certification exam is equipped to test an individual’s knowledge and skills when it comes to designing and laying out graphics, text, and versions of cross-media that are intended for use for print and onscreen documents. The test consists of seventy two questions.

The seventy two questions that are asked on the test are split up into nine different objectives. Each objective has a different weight on the score that can be obtained on the test. The highest weighed questions that are worth twenty percent of the score are concerning working with text, the next highly weighed questions are concerning laying out a document.

In order to receive a passing grade on the certification test and be awarded the title of an ACE professional, an applicant must receive a passing score of seventy eight percent or higher. Once the examination has been passed, the certification that is given following the passing of the exam will be sent in an email correspondence to the recipient. Because the certifications are mailed, it is vital that the applicant supplies the PEARSON VUE testing facility with an accurate email address to have the certification sent to.

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