5 Apps to Help Manage Your Finances

Managing your finances can get overwhelming and confusing. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to check on your budgets, stocks, or even the news. Luckily, there’s a world of apps available to help keep you in the loop. These five apps are some of the handiest.

E* Trade Mobile


Since E*Trade is one of the most dependable trading advisers around, it makes sense to have its app. You can get access to real-time streaming quotes, place trades for stocks, examine options and mutual funds, and manage all of your brokerage accounts in a single view. This app also helps you stay informed with breaking news and real-time account alerts and trade confirmations. Managing money is quick and easy with the Quick Transfer, and you can also deposit checks remotely using your camera. The educational videos can also help you learn new strategies.

GainLoss Calculator

When deciding about trading stocks, options, or futures, you try to estimate how much you can gain or lose. With the GainLoss Calculator, that estimation is easier. It can help you find the difference in terms of gain or loss between stocks and options. Taxes, commissions, amounts of shares, and margins all influence a gain or loss, and the calculator will help you see the ultimate result.


This app, featured on the TODAY show, and was named the ABC News App of the Week. Unless you’re a successful CEO like Peter L. Briger, Jr, you could probably benefit from some financial life organization or just reminders to help you stay on top of your bills. Safe and secure, Manilla helps you organize your bills, accounts, travel rewards, subscriptions, and daily life. It even sends you automatic bill pay reminders. The single password log-in lets you access everything you need without toggling between a dozen different sites.


For business people on the go, keeping track of receipts and expenses is frustrating. Save yourself the hassle and paper of creating an expense report for each trip. Expensify lets you take a picture of your receipt and then add it to whichever report it goes on. If you lose your receipt, you can import your credit card transaction and it’ll create an IRS guaranteed Ereceipt for you. You can also log hours worked and miles traveled. It also integrates with the top applications like Dropbox and Excel so you can import and export all of your important information.

TheStreet Mobile

This app provides quick access to news, analysis, and stock ideas. Receive actionable data, stock market news, and technical analysis as it happens from the leading stock and options experts. TheStreet Mobile offers an extensive multimedia experience allows you to view articles and videos into a single app for easy viewing. You can even read recently downloaded articles while you’re offline. You can also create and edit your own portfolio with new stock quotes. Whether you’re a business owner on the go, a 9-to-5 worker trying to stay on top of your bills, or a stock market junkie, it’s best to arm yourself with as many useful apps as you can. Try one of these great apps to manage your finances.

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