Are you up-to-date with today’s technology?

Gadgets, Gizmos, Widgets are some technology related words which got added to dictionary of our daily lives. Gradually mankind evolved from stone-age to an era where technology is booming and continuously evolving. Our day starts with it and ends with its application knowingly or sometimes even unknowingly. Man built machines to ease out the physical and mental pressures. Continuous inventions and innovations lead us to where we are.

Today technology is everywhere. Apart from other zones, communication and entertainment have seen drastic advancements. Do you know 91% of American adults own a cell phone? And out of which 51% are smart phones. Educated, illiterate, poor or financially secure most of them own some or many gadgets as per their need and affordability. For some of them it is for personal needs like communication with friends and family, for entertainment, for self-learning or for just spending their leisure time. Some use technology for professional or work reasons. 55% of Americans say they use their phones to browse internet, check/send Emails and download apps. For many of us the hard copied books have been replaced by online readings. There are several reading apps or readers which get us the reading stuff we want to read, online/Offline on our gadgets.

When one goes out to buy a gadget; he/she considers several parameters of satisfaction before zeroing down the one they buy. Some gadgets/apps are more popular than others due to their affordability, ease of use and benefits etc. A survey shows in United Sates 34% own a Tablet, 29% own an E-Reader. Similarly there are people talking about brands of technology over internet through blogs, forums and other media. In this continuously and quickly evolving era one has to be very careful and alert while using new technology. The right application of technology can do wonders and at the same time wrong implementation can cause un-mendable destruction.

Are you up-to-date with todays technology

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