Best Photography Website Builders to Present Your Photos Online in an Amazing Way

Coming up with a design idea for your website, and then turning this idea into reality can be a very difficult job, especially if you are working on a photography website. Photography websites are a bit more complex, because they need to have specific features such as a gallery, portfolio, etc. However, creating these pages may not be as easy as you think, because they need look and feel as if they were made by a professional, and this is where most photographers face a major problem – they don’t have the necessary coding skills to create a unique, functional, optimized and good-looking website that shows their work to the rest of the world.

Nowadays every photographer can have his very own website by using a free or paid website builder. Website builders are cool tools that can be used by anyone who wants to create a good website without having any knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or other similar programming languages. In this post, we’ll tell you about some of the best photography website builders. Let’s start:

1. IM Creator

IM Creator is a unique tool that is used by thousands of people. This tool can be used to create all kinds of websites, but we won’t be exaggerating if we say that it is the best when it comes to creating a photography website. When you use IM Creator you’ll have access to hundreds of pre-made templates which can set the foundation of your future website. Naturally, IM Creator provides the user with interesting tools and options that allow the average Internet user to create a great website without writing a single line of code! Take a look at the IM Creator’s website in order to find out more about this cool application, and to get familiar with all of its features.

2. PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter is one of the favorite website builders of photographers, because it provides them with a unique easy-to-use interface and a whole lot of features that turn website creation in an easy and enjoyable job. Currently, PhotoShelter is used by over 50,000 photographers and its community is growing with each passing day, so this is certainly one of the tools that have a bright future ahead of them. Just visit their website and take a look at the hundreds of features that PhotoShelter offers – you’ll be able to setup your website in less than an hour, and you can instantly start showing off your work or even selling some of your photographs!

3. Zenfolio

If you are looking for a way to sell your photographs, then PhotoShelter is probably the better choice. However, if you want to present your photos in a unique way, then you should take a look at what Zenfolio have to offer. This goal of this service is to provide photographers with a neat and free way to show-off their work to the rest of the world. Zenfolio offer a rich number of free templates and layouts that are quick and easy to setup. One of the cool features of websites created by Zenfolio is that they can be used to show-off your videos as well.

4. Smug Mug

Smug Mug is very similar to Zenfolio, so you won’t make a mistake if you decide to take advantage of the things which this service offers. Thanks to Smug Mug you can quickly and easily create a professionally-looking photography website which can be used to share your photos and videos with the rest of the Internet. Some of Smug Mug’s interesting features include the ability to protect, buy and sell photos, as well as to upload videos with an 1080p resolution. By using Smug Mug’s services you’ll get 50MB of free space for photographs, unlimited traffic and the ability to choose from over 50 professional photography website templates.

5. Website Builder

Website Builder is a unique service that has already helped thousands of people setup their first websites. It is also preferred by many photographers, because some of the photography templates that Website Builder offers are truly unique. Apart from great designs, Website Builder’s services will also give you a free hosting account with unlimited traffic. All websites hosted by them are SEO-friendly and up to date with the latest innovations in the world of web development. Thanks to the integrated website editor, you’ll be able to quickly modify the template you’ve chosen and change it according to your taste.

6. Wix

Wix is another website builder service that can be used to create all kinds of websites. However, it is also one of the best choices when it comes to creating photography websites. The photography templates that Wix offers are really great and many popular photography blogs were created with the help of Wix. Currently, the service is responsible for over 20,000,000 websites so there is a very big chance that you’ve already visited a website made with the help of Wix. If you are looking for a good-looking, free, functional and optimized photography website, then Wix’s services will help you.

7. SiteWelder

Nowadays website builders must be able to create websites that are optimized for all kinds of devices and this is exactly what SiteWelder does! This website builder is unique in terms of compatibility, because every website created by it is viewable on all types of devices, operating systems and browsers – tablets, smartphones, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Another interesting feature that SiteWelder has to offer is the quick social media integration that can be used to instantly share your work with the rest of your friends and colleagues.

8. FotoMerchant

FotoMerchant’s main advantage is the service’s functionality when it comes to buying or selling photographs. You can quickly setup a website by using the 40+ templates offered by FotoMerchant. Afterwards you can start uploading your photographs via the shared or secured image galleries. You’ll also get unlimited storage space and traffic, so you don’t need to have any worries in terms of hosting. FotoMerchant is one of the quickest services when it comes to selling photographs – the buyer places an order and afterwards FotoMerchant print and ships the photograph of choice.

9. LiveBooks

LiveBooks is one of the most unique services when it comes to creating a photography website. You can either choose one of the 90 templates or pay for a unique template that you’ll create by co-operating with certified web designers and developers. The public templates are very affordable and by paying for them you’ll also get unlimited storage space, traffic and a wide range of features such as cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, unlimited galleries, a unique drag & drop content management system, social media integration, Vimeo video integration and more!

10. PhotoBiz

PhotoBiz is a great photography website builder that provides its users with additional features such as a content management system, several gallery styles, blogging add-on and even a photograph store. PhotoBiz offer a wide range of website templates which were designed and developed by certified professionals. All websites built with PhotoBiz are compatible with all types of devices, browsers and operating systems, so everyone will be able to enjoy your photographs!

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