Guideline to Select a Right Virtual PBX System

If you want to choose a virtual PBX system for your company, then keep in mind this process involves lots of decisions that has to be made, so prepare to choose your own customized business phone system, because this is not a simple task. The first advantage of this system is that it is much cheaper than hiring a personal assistant, plus the call features that those systems are offering are more than sufficient to meet the needs of your business. Many people forget how important is for them to make a good first impression, and the same rule apply to business owners – here are some steps that will help you make the right decision when it comes to getting PBX system. Moreover you can read about virtual PBX on PcDrome as well for better understanding.
1. Make sure to customize your system according to your needs. This is why you have to buy a PBX system only from a proven service provider in your business niche. Plus, it will be good for you to make sure there are no additional charges or fees. Do some research and compare the features of different systems, only then you can be sure you are making the right choice.

2. Take a look at the plans with the standard features, review them and always make sure there is the “virtual receptionist” included, some companies might call it by different name such as “Auto attendant”. After all, this is going to be the voice of your company, so make no compromises with this feature.

3. Take a look at the services you are getting for your monthly payments. Make sure you are making the best out of the situation, and once again, be sure that you have made a thorough research before going for a certain provider. You might also want to have “Call recording”, “Two-way virtual fax”, “Custom greetings” features included in your package.

4. In case there are items you are not going to use, make sure to tell this to the provider so he can disable them. Consider turning off all relatively useless features. For example many companies have this function called “Information Waiting” – so you should turn this off in case you are more of a “one-man army”.

5. Now it is time to pay attention to the options that will be useful. Get the costs in writing and take care of the guarantee for at least 12 months. You can also test the features, and get rid of them if you don’t find them useful.

6. One of the most important features that you might want to consider while getting your PBX system is the so called “Integrated Conferencing” or “Conferencing” feature. For such options you should have several people on the line – be sure that the money is well-worth. Take a closer look at the unique features because lots of them might be useful.

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