The Hidden Benefits of Social Media

Social media is a global phenomenon that creates the opportunity to engage and connect with other users sharing opinions, thoughts and feelings and even media content that in some way appeals or affects those that are receptive to it. Certain social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow for further engagement with businesses and celebrities and social media has quickly become one of the most influential applications within every day life. The typical uses of social media are constantly being expanded to meet and fulfil the needs of its users and one of the latest techniques is to use the platforms for self-promotion, particularly for those with good vocal abilities.

The Hidden Benefits of Social Media

Companies are also jumping on this new technique and are encouraging singers and musicians to build a fan base through social media platforms to get their name and their talent out there. is one organisation that helps talented individuals to be ‘discovered’ through the Internet. The Internet and social media are the most effective ways to target millions of people and construct a fan base that will continue to share and play the music of unknown artists.

Facebook and Twitter are the two most successful forms of social media and the audience range that uses them goes far beyond any other Internet application. 500 million people are signed up to Facebook, with 250 million checking their accounts daily. There are just over 500 million Twitter users and although 40% do not tweet, they still regularly check the tweets from other users. Social media is such a vast network that it creates the ideal opportunity to promote any form of media.

Self-Promotion that Engages the Audience

It is important to consider the way social media platforms will be used in order to raise the profile of a talent, a song or a desired profession. Users will become instantly disengaged if the posts are overly promotional – they need to target the audience with things they will genuinely be interested in and willing to share.

• Updating followers regularly will build upon relationships and create a genuine fan base that also encourages interaction.

• Positive interactions with followers will encourage an exchange of information such as responding to messages and comments.

• Being visual and showing other users images and videos will be more appealing and create higher levels of interest.

• Be real, be positive and be sure to highlight the good with the bad

• Relevant posts and the sharing of media will keep users and followers engaged

• Posts need to be made when a majority of users are online or posts will be missed or worse, ignored

• Spam is the fastest way to lose followers

Ensuring Social Media is Beneficial

If social accounts are well maintained and information is exchanged on a regular basis then the number of followers will increase and a higher profile will be created. Social media can effectively create the following:

• A fan base can be built and maintained.

• Users will promote the music amongst themselves and the number of views will increase significantly in a short space of time, as a huge network of people will have access to it.

• Fans and musicians can become engaged.

• Big names in the music industry will rely on social media to highlight the up and coming talents that are as of yet undiscovered.

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