Wedding photography tips

Being the photographer for a wedding is very stressful. Everything is so important to the bride and the groom, and it all happens once. If you miss a moment, it is gone forever. It is not like you can just ask them to cut the cake for the first time again or go back up on stage and have a first kiss twice. However, there are things that you can do to reduce the stress. There will also be many disturbances affecting your shots you need to manage all that and not let those things to interfere in your shoots. You always need to have another camera handy in case of some problem. Hire some assistants for helping you so that things are easy for you to manage.

Have Different Cameras for Different Lenses
When you are using fisheye lenses and other lenses interchangeably, you lose time if you are always switching them back and forth. It is easier and faster to have two different cameras, each with a different lens. Then you can just swing the one that you need up to your eye.

Have a Second Shooter

Another great idea is to hire a second shooter. You can usually do this for about a quarter of the cost of the wedding. This way, you know that there are always two cameras going. The odds that both of you will miss a key moment are very small. Either you or the second shooter should get it.

Get to Know the Couple
The best thing that you can do is to get to know the couple before the wedding. This way, you know what they are planning to do and what they want from their photos.Whom to shoot more photos like describing the way to shoot and all This makes it easier to provide exactly the product that they were after at the end of the day.


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