10 Ways to Help Your Waist and Wallet

Losing weight and cutting costs are a priority for nearly everyone. Doing either; however, is far easier said than done.

These daunting tasks can be made easier by combining them and making goals for each together. Below are ten ways to accomplish both.

1. Make Meals at Home and Avoid Eating Out

Restaurants and fast food can be convenient, but if finding yourself out several times a week can be devastating to your bottom line and your waist line. When you can write a grocery shopping list geared towards meals at home and eat homemade as often as you can.

10 Ways to Help Your Waist and Wallet

2. Plan Ahead

In fitness as in financial planning, planning ahead is crucial. When you are on the go, particularly if you are hungry, you are much more likely to make unwise health and fiscal decisions. This step can go hand in hand with number one, while you are preparing meals at home spare some extra time to put together tomorrow’s lunch.

3. Keep Track

Keeping track of what you spend is the first step to improving how you spend. Similarly, keeping a log of your workout and your eating habits can help you find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Financially and physically keeping a record of your activity can help you adjust bad habits and start good ones to take care of your body and your bank account.

4. Take Small Steps

Small changes can have a huge impact in the long run in both fitness and financial matters. Cutting out expensive coffee on the way to work can make a huge difference to your budget. Remember you don’t need to make dramatic changes overnight, a few over time will add up to big benefits.

5. Due Diligence

Whether you are trying to save money or shed some pounds do your research. Compare products to find the best deal and make sure you try before you buy. Bad research, or lack thereof, will lead to poor decisions.

6. Grow What You Can

Growing and canning your own food saves money and puts healthy ingredients right at your fingertips.

7.Free Apps

Whether or not you have a smart phone you can find a lot of resources online and on your phone. From calories counters to motivational quotes, these can be a great way to stay motivated and on task. This keeps down costs without sacrificing your fitness. There are mobile coupons available via apps on your smart phone designed to help you save money.

8. Support Local Farmers Markets

This has a ton of benefits for your community at large and your goals. Not only can you get healthy food much cheaper, you can help your town become a healthier place too!

9. Cut Portions

Most portions we are used to are over-sized and unhealthy. Find out what healthy portions are and make a commitment to slowly cut back and eat the right amount.

10. Sacrifice

This step is intrinsic in all the others and crucial to the process as a whole. Getting your budget and health under control is hard, because chances are you are going to have to give up a lot. Sodas, coffees, Cable TV all these things can contribute to a sedentary and fiscally irresponsible lifestyle.

Digging yourself out is likely to take sacrifice and a lot of it. It will be painful and hard, but if you can accomplish your goals and see the results; in your bank account and your mirror, it will be worth it.

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