Are you Ready for The Tech Boom?

The technological revolution is upon us, and it’s taking no prisoners. Users who spend time on the web are bombarded with new innovations, developments, software and hardware at a blistering pace. For those who make their living following such movements, the process of staying ahead of the pack requires some doing. One such way to stay up-to-date with the latest information in tech news is by way of startpage. This is unlike any other competing software on the market. Startpage delivers from the moment you download, install and start using it.

Get the News as it Happens

Much like its name suggests, startpage is your entry point to the web. No additional work is required on the part of the user. Precisely how startpage functions is often overshadowed by the fact that it works so well. This newspaper-styled homepage completely personalises your web browsing experience, without any effort required on your part. Now it is easier to stay up-to-date with information from the technology world, with breaking news stories available at the click of a button.

Stay ahead of the Competition with Genieo Startpage

The latest tech news updates suggest that Apple will be releasing a brand-new model as early as September, while Google Android smartphones continue to dominate an increasing share of the market around the world. In other tech news, the search engine giant Google is also facing increasing questions surrounding its lack of password security on Google Chrome. Whatever your preference for tech news, startpage is an effective, free and highly usable resource to cut to the chase with breaking news in the technology sector.

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