Cool Accessories for Your Ultrabook

With an exceptionally long battery life combined with a great, sleek design, ultrabooks are great for those who value portability when it comes to their electronics. As with the kensington ipad air and other tablets, ultrabooks enable users to compute a high speeds without sacrificing mobility or comfort. With the convenience that comes from this incredible and innovative design, it is difficult to believe that there are accessories on the market that can improve the ultrabook. Below is an overview of the various accessories available for our ultrabooks, and what makes them so great.


Try a Targus Ultralife Wireless Mouse to further increase your ultrabook’s portability

Because ultrabooks are often purchased for their portability, why not invest in a mouse that adds to this useful function? The Targus Ultralife Wireless Mouse only weighs about five ounces, it only needs one AA battery to operate, and it can be used on any smooth surface. With this Targus Ultralife Wireless Mouse, you will never have to choose between the convenience of a mouse and the portability of a touch pad.

Increase versatility with a SureTrack Any Surface Bluetooth Mouse

Although a lightweight and slim mouse is often a priority with ultrabook owners, it might be more important to have a mouse that can function on different surfaces. Those who frequently take their ultrabook outside their home or office never know what surfaces they will have to use. The SureTrack Any Surface Bluetooth Mouse can function normally on some of the trickiest surfaces, including glass. Furthermore, this nifty ultrabook accessory connects through Bluetooth, not a USB port.

Maximize the touch screen function with a Targus Ultralife Stylus


Many ultrabooks can convert back and forth from laptop to tablet so that ultrabook users have the best of both worlds. One of the benefits of having a laptop that converts to a tablet is being able to use the touch screen feature. Making the small investment in a Targus Ultralife Stylus ensures that you are able to take advantage of this useful ultrabook function. This stylus has a magnetic clip that allows it to attach to your ultrabook.

Keep your ultrabook safe with a MicroSaver Ultrabook Laptop Keyed Lock

Unfortunately, because ultrabooks are so portable, their thinness and lack of weight makes them an easy target for thieves. It is extremely important to protect not only your laptop from being stolen, but your personal information as well. Standard cable locks are frequently used for keeping most laptops safe, but these types of locks are often too thick for an ultrabook laptop. The MicroSaver Ultrabook Laptop Keyed Lock works well for these devices: the lock has a rotating head, and its K slot adapter will attach to laptops that do not even have a security slot. The MiscroSaver Ultrabook Laptop Keyed Lock also offers an aesthetic appearance.

With our laptops being such prominent additions to our personal and professional lives, it is well worth it to make sure that our laptop’s functions are maximized. Consider some of these ultrabook accessories to make your laptop even more travel friendly and more convenient to use.


Nathan Freud is a freelance tech writer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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