Desktop vs mobile casinos

Online gambling is a fun and popular way of spending time and money on the internet – unlike online shopping, it also gives people the chance to win, not just to save ;). Since the presentation of the first real money online casino in 1994, hundreds of such establishments have been launched by operators from all over the world, offering their players a great variety of games and various benefits and promotions.

Not too long ago, as a response to the latest developments of technology, online casinos started to explore the newly discovered world of mobile gambling. Several developers offer complete, turnkey solutions for mobile gambling, including secure and dependable user management, payment solutions and customer support. The spread of such solutions is slow, though, because many countries have a controversial legal framework when it comes to mobile gambling. Still, many operators do offer their players the chance to take the casino with them wherever they go.

As any new technology, mobile gambling has its pros and cons, but so does traditional, desktop gambling. Let’s see which one is the best for us.

The first great advantage of mobile gambling is its, well, mobility. There are hundreds, if not thousands of internet-capable mobile devices, from the oldest ones capable of running Java, to the latest, popular smart devises, tablet PCs and more, with tons of processing power and huge screens to play on. Their batteries hold longer and longer, allowing their users to speak, navigate and – why not – play for longer.

Broadband mobile internet connections are also spreading – some cities even offer free WI-Fi to their residents, without any restrictions, making it easier for us to do whatever we want, wherever we want – especially online.

A big disadvantage of the mobile online casinois, in turn, the list of games. Smartphones and tablets usually don’t come with a keyboard and mouse, so the games have to be specially adapted to their proprietary input methods – touchscreens. As far as I have seen, if a casino has hundreds of games in its downloadable package, their number is just a few – somewhere between 15 and 25 at my favorite casino.

Desktop versions of the online casinos have the advantage of offering a much higher variety of available games. The casino I mentioned above – the Euro Palace, available at the web address – has a list of over 500 games in the desktop / browser version, but only about 25 in its mobile section. Advantage: desktop, for the much bigger variety.

Desktop casinos also have the advantage of having lots of payment methods available, whereas mobile casinos have just a few – not many operators have implemented specific security measures for operating safe and prompt transactions from mobile phones.

Mobile casinos are heading in the right direction, but there are still many things to develop for a complete and convenient mobile gambling solution.

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