Will Samsung Lose or Gain Ground in the Smartphone Market in 2014?

There are loads of different devices on the market these days you can use for all your communication, gaming, casual photography and web browsing needs, but the kings of the smartphone world for several years now have been Apple and Samsung. While other contenders like former phone rulers Nokia, along with Blackberry and HTC are all holding on to decent sized user bases, Apple and Samsung are the market leaders, with Samsung’s Galaxy range the world’s biggest seller, and the iPhone the most talked about and coveted smartphone device.

When it comes to technology and features, there is nothing a Samsung Galaxy phone can’t do that an iPhone can, in useful terms – you can take high quality pictures and shoot video, browse the web, run all kinds of apps, use all of your favourite social networks, play games like Angry Birds, and even win money at sites like Europalace online casino. Additionally, because of the breadth of Samsung’s range and the competitive pricing they are able to offer on mid range models due to their low manufacturing costs, Samsung’s Galaxy range has, over the past few years, been the most appealing for people in lots of different markets, whereas iPhones have only really ever been accessible to those who want to pay for a premium, top end phone.

Now, however, Apple have changed strategy and they also offer a mid range phone with stylish good looks and most of the features of their flagship device – the 5C. The new sales model Apple have employed with their smartphones makes iPhones easier to buy for people in developing markets and for other people looking to spend less than ‘iPhone money’ on a good phone (teens for example), and this is already starting to put a dent in Samsung’s sales. Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, was also fairly badly received by the technology press, with many people feeling its release was overhyped given the relatively small number of improvements and new features the latest version offered. This could therefore be a year when Samsung lose considerable ground to Apple in the smartphone wars, unless they can pull something special out of the bag with their next offerings. It will be interesting to see what they decide to include in the S5 and if there are going to be any hot new innovations that will help get them back on the rise.

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