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Social media marketing has taken the world of business by storm. Each huge company, which has succeeded either, has a Facebook account, a Twitter account, among other social sites. This form of marketing has proven to be reliable and attractive to many customers as companies are able to let their fans or rather customers know about new products and progress in the company.

This has gone a long way in boosting online shopping. Just by posting a product on a social site, a company is able to get a worldwide response from the customers through comments, retweets, or likes, which are common terms in the world of social networking. Social media marketing is mostly used by companies to attain goals such as:

• Brand awareness
• Communication with target audiences
• Creating website traffic
• Reception of customer reaction

The method may not be successful in all, if not put into use well, here are a few tips on how to go about social media marketing:

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• Begin with the most popular sites: this is arguably the first factor to be considered when planning to undertake social media marketing. Sites, which have high records of users such as Facebook and twitter, are the best places to start because the traffic there is very high. This will expose your product more and the reception of acceptance or decline will be noted very quickly.

• Investigate on new social sites: each year, new social sites spring up from nowhere, you never know where the next market will emerge from, it might just be from these new social sites, and it is important to focus on them as they grow.

• Post only quality content: social media marketing is only about quality. The people out there are quick to judge and are very skeptical. Before you post something, make sure it is the best you’ve got.

• Frequently adjust your strategy: if one social site does not seem to work for you, quickly abandon it and move on to the next one. Once you find a more comfortable one where there is much more acclaim, focus on it. Facebook has proved to be a breakthrough, especially when you take a look at Facebook advertising Singapore.

• Always respond to comments: customers will often comment on products or items posted on social sites. A word of thanks or advice is expected from you, they all need a response. This builds trust and broadens your relationship with customers as they feel appreciated and noticed by the company.

If you have not begun social media marketing, then take it on before it becomes too late, this will soon become a necessity in order for a company or brand to succeed, and if you’re not in the race, you’ll get left behind wondering where all your customers disappeared to. However, social media marketing requires great concentration and focus for it to succeed fully. All this is achieved through proper strategy and having the right advice on the tips of your fingers. There are so many qualified professionals who can give you proper advice in this online platform.

Marcus Ho is a highly sought-after Social Media Strategist who specializes in revenue-driven campaigns on social media for businesses. Well known for his cutting-edge, fresh insights and proven strategies, Marcus has successfully helped over 200 corporations and SMEs to rake in hundreds of thousands within very short periods of time.

Some of his clients include:
Qatar Airways, 3M, PernodRicard, DassaultSystèmes, FreshKon, Home-Fix, Scanteak and Singapore Management University. Most recently, his campaigns have also won internationally acclaimed awards such as Smitty’sTravel+Leisure.

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