Top 8 Fun Games on iPhone You Should Not Miss

Top eight fun games developed on the new iPhone in the recent days has transformed iPhone into an awfully useful device. With the appropriate application installed on the mobile, you may also transform to it to many kinds of tools or devices that will gratify your needs. One of the major problems that most of the iPhone users hate is the limitations that they face because of the iTunes. There are some of the best iTunes alternative softwares that help you to break the boundaries.

Various contemporary techniques and sophisticated technologies used in the vehicle are mostly used for developing games that show smartphones are used for gaming platforms.

Here you can find a short list of the funniest and most entertaining games that are offered for iPhone and few games listed here are the most downloaded ones in recent times.

1. Angry Birds Lite

It is one of the most funny and interesting games for iPhone, and is more interesting. It is necessary to pass through the twelve levels to complete the game.

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2. Words with Friends Free

This is one of the well-known board games where it is necessary to make up words from individual letters. Words with Friends Free are iPhone’s free analogue. You can play this with your friends through internet or by passing the phone to others while in chat option. If you are searching for best mobile phone reviews, then there are some of the best and reliable places like Gsmarena, Gizmodo, etc., that helps you to get trusted reviews.
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3. Bubble Ball

It is one of Apple internet store’s most popular game and recently, the game earned 400 thousand dollars/ day. You need to help the ball to reach the finishing point with the other device by passing it through the obstacles.
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4. Battle Bears

Battle Bears is the story of warrior bear and Oliver. Battle Bears series is a bit crazy and silly. However, it is fun to play and the series has spawned plentiful games and increasing fan-base.
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5. Kungfu Panda

Kungfu Panda is a popular iPhone game that is developed with hilarious sounds, cartoonish drawings, and explosions. Tilt the iPhone to tilt the cannon, and flick your fingers on the screen to fire the Cannon. It is compatible with iPod touch and iPhone. It also requires iPhone OS 2.0.
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6. Secret of Monkey Island

Similar to PC analogue, this game is completely filled with funny lines, and it is developed completely in a professional manner.
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7. iGolf

iGolf lets you dangle your iPhone like a golf club iron and after that tells you how long your projectile went. It measures how fast you swung and the way far your projectile travelled while using iPhone. It’s just like having an active distance anywhere you go.
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8. Space Invaders Infinity Gene

It is a very energetic and also a stunning modernization in the world of classic Space Invaders code. Excellent controls, lots of unlockable gadgets, as well as an appropriate music-based level alternator.
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Including these games there are some of my favorite games like Kung Fu Panda, The Karate Kid, Highway Rider and many other games that are going to help us to pass time when you are damn bored.

These are some of the best fun games that you can play on your iPhone whenever you feel bored and these games are exciting time passers that are loaded with full of fun and excellent graphical user interface that gives you tremendous gaming experience.

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