Best Android Games for 2014

Games are loved by all and especially when it comes to android games. The android gaming world is amazing and there are plenty of games which you can choose to download on your android devices. When you will explore, play store you are going to find thousands of games. This can confuse you, here are top games of 2014 which you must download and play. Here is the list of mix free and premium games.

1. Dots

loops dot game
Simpler is something which is best on the mobiles to play. Dots are extremely a simple h\game to play and provide the players with lots of fun. Players just have to draw lines between the dots which are colored. You just have to link the dots. Colored things are pleasing in the games and they disappear after completion. When you chase better and bigger dot combos your complexity level is going to increase. Amazing game and best to kill time.

2. Angry bird’s space

Angry Birds Space
This game is developed by the develops Rovio and has done aggressive work, but this version is something worth trying. Lovers of angry bird’s game are simply going to enjoy this game a lot. It is a physics game series. It is entirely a new concept and there are numerous planet based levels / you will have to come up with the different tactics and these are puzzles generally and will require a more thoughtful approach. One of the best games for Android users.

3. Stick cricket

Stick Cricket
It is an amazing game and very simple to play, the game provides huge fun and it is important that you smash every ball. There is no worry for field positioning and hit the ball as hard as you can. The ball will come very quickly to you so mind that. Initially, it will be little hard to play this game, but you will adapt over time. Slowly you will become a great cricketer.

4. Badland

This is a weird, gloomy and dark world, but full of adventure. One game which you must install and play. Here you will have to put a full control over blob thing. The blob gets bigger and smaller and also splits into mini cones. There are lots of surprises hidden in this game which players are definitely going to like.

5. Cestos

This game is a futuristic curling recreation, where players have to chuck small marbles at each other. They have to smash each others gems and balls down and out of the zone. The most amazing thing about this game is that you play against humans online. So as long as there are bored people on the other side, at the same time you are going to have real, cheating, devious and quitting players to play against. This is great.

6. Super bit dash

super bit dash
This game is a great example of retro inspired platforms. This game provides you with scrolling platform and here you do not have to control the scroll, simply jump. It’s just simple that you have to learn the level and play game again and again until you get a muscle memory to smash through. The one best thing is that there is no requirement of thinking here. Simply enjoy the fun and have a great time.

7. Threes

This is a premium game and yet another brain/puzzler workout game. This game is full of music, numbers, silly voices which you are going to love. Here you will have to match the numbers and have to make big numbers. As you progress the board is filled with 1s and 2s and makes challenge tougher and tougher. The game is challenging yet provides huge fun.

8. Smash hit

smash ht
Another super hit on Google play and it is absolutely free. The game might look easy to you, but after progressing later levels the real challenges are revealed. In this game you have to collect balls. The game is very easy to understand and will take a little practice. Once you get the idea, addiction is usual.

9. Cut the rope 2

Cut the Rope 2
After years of waiting here is the sequel and the game is quite good. You can download this game for free from Google play and have a great time playing.

10. Can You Escape

Can You Escape
An interesting puzzle game where you have to break out of the rooms. Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms in order to advance to the next floor.
These are the 10 best android games of 2014 which you can download from Google game. These are few must to have games which you will love playing.

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