Viewing technology: How It’s Improved in Recent Years

Watching television and videos isn’t like it used to be. There’s no fiddling with the antenna to get a clearer picture or waiting until you got to the school computer lab to watch something on youtube. Not only has viewing technology advanced in picture quality but you can watch TV and videos almost anywhere, anytime and on a vast array of devices. Here are some of the biggest improvements:

Blu Ray

First we had VHS, then DVD and now Blu-ray. Blu-ray technology, unveiled in 2000, revolutionized how we view film. Almost ten times the amount of data can be stored on a Blu-ray disc compared to a DVD, with the former suitable for storing video resolution modes of 1080p – and making it possible for you to watch the chase scenes in ‘Speed’ in high def! You can get a blu ray player for a lot less than a few years ago so consider investing in one today.


Watching TV in 3D used to seem like a futuristic act. Then came films like ‘Avatar’ and the film and television world again took a giant leap forward. Sales of 3D TVs are growing every year, with over 150 million expected to be sold in the year 2017. If you’ve been put off going 3D because of the necessity of wearing glasses while you watch, fear not – in a couple of years this could change. If current strategies persist, you’ll be able to watch 3D TV sans the specs.

4K Ultra High Definition

Take it one step further, and you have 4K Ultra High Definition. The image quality in a 4K system is astounding. If you thought high definition was good, take a look at 4K! It’s got four times the picture resolution of HD’s 1080p, allowing you to see even more of the image’s texture. This system is currently a work in progress in a broadcasting sense, but, with a resolution of 4,000 pixels, it remains an impressive bit of technology.

Tablets and smartphones
Finally, viewing technology has become completely mobile. You can now choose from a range of super clear, high definition, tablets and smartphones. Bring your device on the go to enjoy your favorite shows and films with images as clear as if you were watching them on the TV from your living room sofa.

So, what does the future hold? A watch with high definition television capabilities? Combination 3D TV reading specs? The viewing technology advances made thus far mean there are only more to come – an exciting reality for us all.

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