What Does Your Website Say About You?

First impressions matter and you’ve only got a split second to make one! Think about the judgements you make about someone when you first meet them. If they’re wearing a sharp suit and speak confidently, you want to do business with them. Your website is no different. Looks are important, and it’s crucial to understand the image your website is portraying.

Visitors make very snappy judgement calls about your business from your online presence. They are either intrigued by your colour scheme and branding or they are repelled. Are you reading this and starting to worry about your web design? Here’s what else your website says about you.

Are you up to date and relevant?

Clients and customers are looking to put their trust in a modern, up-to-date service. They’re looking for forward-thinking skills and knowledge. It shows people that you have a sound understanding of the market, the industry and the trends around you. Web design trends change year by year, and an out-dated web layout is easy to spot. Another big giveaway is your blog. Has it been updated recently with compelling, up-to-the-minute content?

Are you friendly and approachable?

Just like meeting someone for the first time, your website needs to be friendly and approachable. Use your copy here to offer a helping hand and a comforting demeanour. Welcome users to your site and guide them where they need to go. Provide assistance and make sure your contact page is easily accessible. Integrate your social media platforms into the site too. It gives an impression of social activity and friendliness.

Are you organised?

Your web design and layout tells people everything they need to know about your business. If it’s fussy, confusing and detailed, they’ll run a mile. It shows a deep-rooted disorganisation and an element of chaos! Speak to your web design and marketing company to make sure you get this aspect right. The best web design is clean, simple and intuitive; just like your business.

What is your reputation and experience?

Your website tells people everything they need to know about your reputation. Small social engagement and lack of testimonials instantly suggests a lack of status. On the other hand, lots of social sharing, testimonials and blog content beams with confidence. It shows your experience and reputation. Don’t be scared to show off your achievements. That’s what your visitors are looking for!

How do you treat your customers?

At a quick glance of your website, visitors can assess how well you treat your customers. Do you welcome customer service complaints, feedback and suggestions with a smile? Do you offer discounts, free content or advice before a purchase? Each of these gives potential customers an insight into how you value their custom. Integrating your social media platforms can also help here. Show users that you engage with your community and share your loyal following.

After reading this post, take a second to think about what your website is saying about you. Remember, first impressions matter, and you need to build that reputation!

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